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Sunday, December 7, 2014

How to prevent or avoid cancer from scratch

Overweight and obesity are risk factors for heart disease and diabetes therefore we should avoid excess fats by having a regular exercise. We can avoid or prevent cancer from scratch by losing our weight and by eating foods that can help to avoid or prevent cancer.  Too much obesity is a major risk factor for breast cancer, endometrial cancer and colon cancer.

Aside from having a regular exercise to reduce or avoid the risk of cancer, there are foods that can help to avoid cancer like garlic, a sulfur compounds causing the odor of garlic may also stop cancer causing substances from forming in your body it can help to speed up DNA repair, and kill cancer cells. The garlic helps to battles bacteria, and it reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Eat Broccoli, it contains phytochemicals called glucosinolates, which produce protective enzymes that are released when you chew the raw veggie, rupturing the cell walls. Broccoli is the best source of sulforaphane that  might reduce cancer risk, from detoxifying harmful substances like smoke and other environmental pollutants our body to operating as a kind of antimicrobial agent . Broccoli can help to prevent cancers of the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.

Include tomato in your meal; it contains phytochemical called lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant that can help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The lycopene that is found in tomato can help to stop other types of cancer cells from growing up, including breast, lung, and endometrial. 

Eat carrots every day, it contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant that can help to protect cell membranes from toxin damage and slow the growth of cancer cells. Carrots deliver other vitamins and phytochemicals that might guard against cancers of the mouth, esophagus, and stomach, carrots also protect against cervical cancer.

Eat dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, it contains lutein that can prevent cancer of the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.  Spinach contains also carotenoids that can help to reduce the risk of ovarian, endometrial, lung, and colorectal cancer.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sid taylor black sweater cross breeding

It is true that the life of a game fowl breeder is full of challenges. There are many challenges that you can encounter when you are a game fowl breeder in order to have the best fighting cock crosses. This breeding season I will try to cross breed the Sid Taylor black to a sweater game fowl. I like to cross breed sweater to Sid Taylor black because of the fighting style of black that is known for their speed and cutting ability.  The green and white legged blacks fight as multiple hitting flyers or shuffler, while the black legged ones are known as stylish cutters that can hit anywhere with offbeat timing . Sid Taylor black also fight as vertical cutting flyers, flying straight up rather than at an angle.

The sweater game fowl have excellent gameness and power that their relentless attacks simply overwhelm their opponent.  They used to lack endurance, but infusions into their bloodline like cross breeding it to Sid Taylor black made them the most feared opponents they are today.  In the air they are a match with almost any air fighter but on the ground, they literally trample their opponents to submission.  They have very long feathers, especially at the tail.  They are red breasted and are yellow legged.

Since sweater are used to lack of endurance, it is good to cross breed it with Sid Taylor black game fowl to produce an all-around battle stag or cock. I noticed that today there lots of game fowl breeder who breeds black like the famous Mel Sim black. In some major derbies today, the black game fowl are very popular and they have good winning percentage in the pit.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Brown red cross breed to McRae

This breeding season I wanted to experiment in game fowl by cross breeding brown red to McRae in order to produce a battle fighting stag and cock. Breeding of game fowl is an experiment.  You need to have many trial and errors after you can produce a winning line battle cross. Experimenting in cross breeding of game fowl also need more time and also need money and effort.

I am interested in the cross breeding of brown red to McRae because the brown red game fowl as far as I know are speed cutter, a showboat of a multiple hitting fighting fowl known for razzle-dazzle shuffling action type of fighting.  Coming dark-legged, dark-eyed and with characteristic black and burgundy feathering, but the only weakness of this strain of game fowl is a seeming lack of gameness and stamina.
Since brown red game fowl are lack of gameness and stamina, I believe that it is good to cross breed it with the McRae game fowl because this fowl has a smart counter attacking style that is offbeat yet on its own produced one of the most popular and successful fighting fowl in long knife slasher fighting that was popular in the Philippines. The McRae is one of the cross components of the new and devastating vertical sweater from the Blackwater farm of the Nesmiths.

The characteristics of brown red game fowl when combine with McRea will produce a battle cross that is smart and accurate cutter with a shuffling ability. Derby like world slasher cup, candelaria, digmaan, and bakbakan derby are very competitive today because there are lots of rising talented and very good game fowl breeder.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jogging can help prevent getting old

As we grow older our physical activities are limited and we have lack of exercise. If our body is no exercise we are prone to some diseases like diabetes and heart attack, and it will speed up our aging process if we have no exercise, but how to prevent getting older? According to research jogging of at least ten minutes every day can help to prevent getting older. So, if you want to stay younger looking you need to have a regular exercise like jogging every day.

Everybody wants to be look younger and moves like a younger one. I am also like to be younger looking always and that is why I exercise every day, I used to wake up at 4 am and do my basic stretching, after that proceeds to jogging because I want to stay younger looking. In my case I do not go out in my room to do jogging exercise. What I did to is to have jogging every day inside my room, I jog on place. 

If you want to try jogging exercise in order to help delay your aging you can do that inside your room. What is important is jogging is a good exercise to your body. Aside from the benefit that we can get in jogging that it delays our aging process, jogging can also help to prevent type 2 diabetes and heart attack. It can also help to develop your leg muscle and it can help to increase your stamina.

For me, health is wealth, so I have always give time to have exercise, and among several exercise I do jogging in my room. It is not too late for all of us to do some exercise for the good of our health. Do jogging exercise every day to stay younger looking physically and mentally fit.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to start exercise from scratch

Exercise is very important especially when you are getting older. The physical activity of forty years old and above is very different from the activity of a teenager. It is necessary to have exercise in order to become physically fit but how to start an exercise if you are getting older? As we know that at the age of forty years old and above it is the age where the focus is on career, job, business, and family and sometimes there is no time for an exercise.

To start exercise from scratch at the age of forty I start my exercise at 4:30 am. I do some basic stretching first to reduced muscular tensions, improved balance and postural awareness, increased movement efficiency, decreased risk of injury, and so that the muscle will be ready to react in any physical activities. After done in basic stretching I do sit up in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles. At first, I have only sixteen counts of seat up. After sit up, I continue my exercise by doing push up to help develop my arm muscle, I like this basic exercise because you can do push up anytime and anywhere. Jumping jack is the next exercise that I included because this exercise can help to make me energetic and burn calorie.

Aside from basic exercise mentioned above, I also have jogging exercises this can help to builds strong bones, improves cardiovascular fitness and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Don’t wait for tomorrow start your basic exercise from scratch today. There are lots of health benefits that you can get in doing exercise.

You can do exercise at home and there is no need to go outside because sit up, push up, jumping jack, and jogging (in place) can be done with in your room.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yellow legged hatch muff cross breeding

This breeding season it is also one of the option to cross breed yellow legged hatch over muff game fowl to produce a good and winning battle cock.  The yellow legged hatch is considered as one of the most popular of the hatches family and they are proven winning line game fowl.  All of them are yellow legged, with light red feathers and is black breasted.  Majority of yellow legged hatch are straight comb. These game fowl are deadly cutters, have deep game and possess very powerful strong legs and has good endurance for drag fights.  The yellow legged hatch is the result of the cross breeding of blue face hatch of renown game fowl breeder Sandy Hatch, White hackle and Boston Round head.

The muff game fowl are best to cross breed with the yellow legged hatch game fowl. Some of the characteristics and fighting style of muff are aggressive frontal fighting style, throw a barrage of blows with no let up or billhold, muffs have an unerring sense of accuracy when it comes to cutting, red in color, they come yellow legged and pea combed. Since muff game fowl are low stationed it is good to cross breed them with yellow legged hatch to improve their high.

What is good in muff game fowl that I like most is the fighting style that can throw a barrage of blow without bill holding to the opponent fighting cock. The fighting style of yellow legged hatch that I like are powerful hard hitting, deliberate blows, and shifty, intelligent, and powerful punchers.

Before cross breeding yellow legged hatch to muff game fowl, make sure that they are in good condition and in good health in order to produce the best fighting cock battle cross.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Benefits of Vitamin B12 to fighting cocks

The benefits of giving vitamin B12 to fighting cocks as I observed are it helps in the regulation of the nervous system of fighting cocks and help reduce stress, vitamin B12 helps to converts carbohydrates into glucose and in result it will increase energy production and help to decrease fatigue of fighting cocks. Vitamin B12 can contribute to the power and strength of fighting cocks.

I give one tablet of AAFES Vitamin B12 daily to my fighting stag and fighting cocks. I observe that by giving them vitamin B12 every day, it helps to digest the feeds easily and it helps to the bowel problem of fighting cock. Vitamin B12 also can help in the appetite problem of fighting cocks.

In the breeding of fighting cocks, giving of vitamins are very important because the health of fighting cocks is one of the factors that can contribute in winning to some fighting cock or stag derby like the world slasher cup, candelaria, bakbakan and digmaan. A healthy fighting cocks or stag has greater winning percentage in the pit.

There are lots of benefits that can get by giving vitamin B12 to your fighting stag or cock every day. Aside from the above mentioned benefits, vitamin B12 can help to increase the immune system of fighting cocks or stag, in that sense fighting cocks are not easily get sick.

A fighting cock or stag that is lack or has a vitamin B12 deficiency will result in muscle weakness; suffer in fatigue and lack of energy.  Give vitamin B12 to your fighting cock or stag because it helps in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system of fighting cocks, and for the formation of blood.