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Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to become a computer programmer

For a decade of being a college professor teaching computer programming subjects like Java, VB.Net, PHP and C++ and at the same time a programmer, I can say that being a programmer is full of challenges. Computer programming is where you need to be analytic because in creating computer programs you need to analyze before doing something else. A programmer needs to have clear thinking skills because programming is an exercise in logic. A programmer needs to become curious and by that they can continue to learn and discover something new in the world of Information and Communications Technology.

A computer is a machine that performs a variety of tasks according to specific instructions. It is a data processing machine which accepts data via an input device and its processor manipulates the data according to a program. Therefore a programmer is the one who is responsible to create specific instructions or computer program in order that it can perform specific function.

As I learned from my experiences in developing computer programs, it is very important to understand first the manual process before converting it to a computerize one. It is difficult to create computer programs if you don’t know what the manual process is.

To become a successful programmer, you need to define and understand the problem first, then find a solution for that problem by creating an algorithm, you can use a tools like flowchart. After that picture out the design of a program and identify what are the components need and how the program looks like. Code the program and test, make some adjustments and if it is done install it and don’t forget to continue your technical support to your client if they need your expertise.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2016 Presidential Election in Philippines

The 2016 Presidential election in the Philippines is coming soon. Updates regarding the election are that computerized election will be use during the voting and counting of election results in order to determine who the latest leading candidates are. Last Presidential election, PCOS machine is used by the voters to vote their Presidential candidate as well as Senators and Congressman. PCOS stands for Precinct Count Optical Scanner. It is a machine that reads votes based on pencil markings on a special type of paper. Its maker, Smartmatic gives it the name SAES-1800 and it operates like a lotto machine.

Some of the possible problems using PCOS machine during Presidential election in 2016 are power interruption, to counter this problem it is important to prepare a backup battery in case of brownouts. To transmit the data to the server the cell phone signal is use, if there is no signal the technician will bring the memory card to the municipal server.

Aside from using PCOS machine in 2016 Philippine Presidential election, if the government as a budget it is also possible to use hi-tech machine like the TrueVoter biometric voting platform developed and distributed by M2SYS Technology. TrueVoter is a scalable and customizable software package that allows the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) to deploy and maintain a comprehensive biometric information system that allows for the fast, accurate, and uncontested enrollment and identification of voters.

Everybody wants to have a peaceful, honest, and successful 2016 Presidential election in the Philippines. The use of technology like computerize election is important so that we can have a fast and accurate election result.

Useful mobile app to prevent crimes

Different crimes can happen any time, as we can hear in the news, lots of crimes are happening every day; because of this the safety of the public is in danger. How can we solve this problem in our society? I think the government especially the police has big responsibilities to prevent crimes by widening and improving their intelligence gathering and police visibility. In the age of modern technology, it is also important to have a mobile app that can be used to inform the authorities about suspicious activities, crimes and other bad elements.

Mobiles app that can be used to prevent crimes can help to widen the intelligence gathering of police; it can also use to inform police about, the illegal activities of bad elements in the society like hold upper or robber, ridding in tandem, illegal gambling activities, illegal drugs or drug trafficking, gun smuggling or other smuggling activities, and other crimes.

The people in the field of Information and Communications Technology like the programmers who are developers of mobile application also has a role by sharing their expertise to develop a useful mobile application that can be used to prevent and solve crimes. They can design an apps that has a feature to inform the authorities like the police about crimes that happened in their places, report some suspicious and illegal activities.

With the use of technology like mobile apps, the crimes can be prevented it can also help to solve cases that are unsolved. Technology can also be used to protect the public, let’s grab the opportunity to use mobile apps to prevent crimes. 

Cock fighting rules in the Philippines

The rule of cock fighting in the Philippines as I observe, during derbies and hack fight is different from the rule in other countries like Peru. In derbies, the weights of fighting cocks should almost the same with the opponent, in some case there are a little difference at about 30 grams the height doesn't matter, in hack fight the weight and height are estimated. Before the fight each fighting cock should have gaff attached and properly align usually in the left leg of the cock, the length of the gaff doesn't matter whether it is long or short it depends upon the gaffer but usually it will not exceed in the feather line of the cock shank.

Before the actual fight, handler will go inside the pit, do some hitting or warming up the fighting cock, so that they become aggressive and ready for the fight, the announcer will ask the handler how much money are intended for bet, then identify which one is llamado or dehado. Llamado means the bet in terms of money is greater than the opponent. Dehado means the money that is intended for the bet is lesser than the opponent. The announcer will ask the audience who wants to bet to the dehado and how much, and try to balance the amount being bet of both the llamado and dehado. If the bet is not even after asking the audience, the announcer will consult the handler of the llamado regarding the total amount bet for the dehado, if it is okey, the fight will start. During the release of fighting cock they should not go beyond the line, else penalty will be impose later.

To determine who is the winner, fighting cock should kill the opponent cock, and the sentensyador or judge let the cock to pick the opponent, or throw punches twice. Give a chance to other cock to response, if there is no response the sentensyador or judge will count trice and if no response, he will declared the winner, the cock who is alive and do a pick or throw or punch twice will be the winner. There are also cases that the fight is draw or there is no winner.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MMA Gym is my dream business

Mix Martial Arts or MMA  is a kind of  sports that I love and I like to watch this sports. I am a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC and I usually watch it in live streaming online. In these sports, the fighter needs to make their fighting styles better by adding techniques from other martial arts disciplines. Because of this, I am planning to put up my dream business, a mixed martial arts or MMA gym. 

I am happy to hear news that UFC gym opens its newest location in Missouri, right in the heart of Chesterfield in St. Louis County. This Gym will bring health and fitness benefits of mixed martial arts to MMA enthusiast.  It will give also an opportunity to the mix martial arts lover to participate in several group fitness like boxing, Kickboxing , Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

The things that I should give considerations in putting up my dream business, the MMA Gym are the following, I will identify who are my clients by conducting a survey in the place about what are the physical activities of the people in that area, what time they are free, there age brackets, gender and how many are willing to go to gym for MMA activities. I will also consider other things like hiring of employees, the strategic location of Gym, and the equipment’s need to operate a mixed martial arts or MMA gym.

My idea to put up a mixed martial arts gym came up because I am inspired with the skills of my favorite UFC fighters like Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, Matt Hughes, Chuck Liddell, B.J. Penn, and Randy Couture, I love to watch them in their championship fight.

Security in mobile devices

Mobile communications and computing using smart phones are now use today by individuals for personal use or for business transactions in order to improve productivity, responsiveness, and innovation. However, the benefits of using wireless in transactions online do not come without security risks. 

As mobile commerce starts to enter the mainstream for trading and enterprises organizations the number of cyber-attacks in mobile devices is also increasing dramatically. We should give importance on how to secure our transactions and what kind of security measures we are going to use in using mobile devices.

Mobile security threats are on the increase both in number and in different situation. Some of the mobile security threats are Malware, spyware, device loss, data leakage and theft. 

You can protect your mobile devices from threats like spyware attack by avoiding a spam e-mail especially it contains links or attachments that are suspicious, data leakage can be prevented also by disregarding spam or suspicious email because the two most common ways data is leaked are through email and the Web, and thus these should be a primary focus for data leak prevention.  Also avoid pop-up windows or boxes that will attempt to corner you into downloading software or accepting a free "system scan" of some type. Device loss is also another threats to mobile security so always careful, don’t allow that your mobile dives will lost because if that will happen your vital information that are stored in your device is in danger and it will leak. You can secure your mobile devices by equipping it with pin code or password.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

iPhone 6 my dream smartphone

I am excited to hear about the news regarding the release of the iPhone 6 by Apple. Rumors is that, it is expected to debut on September 9, 2014. It will include a larger, redesigned form factor with 4.7" and 5.5" diagonal screens, 1704 x 960 resolution, sapphire display, 13 mega pixel camera sensor, apple mobile payment services, and dynamic feedback.

I am an iPhone lover, I like to use iPhone and currently I'm using iphone 5 for about a year but it is still new. The operating system of my iPhone 5 is the Apple ios 7 and it is a very good ios version. Even a year of using it but still my phone gives me a good battery backup and good speed, the processor is so fast. I like my iPhone 5 because as of now there is no single scratch in the screen and in the body. I can say that it is made by its manufacturer for quality. I have also friends who use iPhone 5 and they are also like to use it for the same reasons of mine. They are also excited to the release of iPhone 6 in the market.

The facetime facility of iphone 5 is very useful to me, I can talk to my friends and relative online using this features. I hope that in iPhone 6 the facetime facility will be much better. Aside from facetime, the iMessage is also very useful to me. I used it send messages without any cost from a network services provided, it can be used as long as there is a WIFI. I am very interested to have an iPhone 6 because in a rumors Apple will use sapphire displays.