How I maintain my Sweater gamefowl

Maintaining Sweater Bloodline
The breeding of fighting cocks or gamefowl is very interesting for me. My interest of fighting cocks or gamefowl started when I was 9 years old when a piece of land of my grandfather was rented by a gamefowl breeder and use as chord area of fighting cocks and also for breeding. That is in the year 1985, I can see and observed every day the routines of the care taker or handler of game farm. Day feed the fighting cocks at 6:00 am in the morning and 4:00 pm in the afternoon. Chicks are feed 3 times a day one in the morning, one at noon time and another one in the afternoon. I learned also about the basic of breeding like in-breeding, line breeding and cross-breeding. I got idea from them and I used it today to maintain my dink sweater bloodline. I learned how to maintain a gamefowl bloodline through observation and questions to the farm handler or care giver.

In my case I have a simple way on how I maintain my sweater bloodline so that I can preserve it in long time. I called my way of maintaining gamefowl bloodline “in and in”. In this method of maintaining bloodline I have my sweater brood cock and I want to maintain and preserve this bloodline what I did is first I selected two brood hens of different bloodline a lemon and Gilmore hatch hen. Then I breed my sweater bloodline to lemon hen (single mating). I mark the offspring of sweater lemon crosses so that I can recognize and identify then easily and record it in my breeding notes. Their offspring is composed of a 50% sweater and 50% lemon. Then I also cross-breed the sweater brood cock to Gilmore hatch hen (single mate). I also make a different mark to their offspring so that I can recognize them easily. Their offspring is composed of a 50% sweater and 50% Gilmore hatch. Finally when their offspring become matured and ready to breed, I choose the best offspring (stag) from 50% sweater and 50% lemon and I also choose the best offspring (pullets) from 50% sweater and 50% Gilmore hate and breed them. The result is that their offspring become more or less a 100% sweater and it really looks like the original sweater brood cock in terms of looks and characteristics. That is my way on how I maintain my sweater gamefowl blood lne.

You can apply it to different game fowl bloodline, what I like in this method of maintaining a bloodline is that it is easy, fast and can replicate the bloodline you want to preserve.

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