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Saturday, September 20, 2014

How I wish I can watch 2014 Asian games

I want to watch the 2014 Asian Games live in Incheon, South Korea but time will not permit me due to some reasons. I am so disappointed I can’t watch the updates of 439 events in live venue at Incheon, South Korea. The list of sports events and schedule that I wanted to watch in 2014 Asian Games are swimming, that is on September 21 to 26, diving on September 29 to October 3, synchronized swimming on September 20 to 23.

Other sports events are water polo, athletics, and archery to be play on September 23 to 28, badminton, baseball and softball. Basketball is one of my favorite sports and it is also included as one of the sports events to be play, good luck team Philippines go for gold. Other sports to be play are bowling and boxing. Filipinos are among one of the best boxer in the world, good luck also to all boxers from Philippines.

I like to watch Asian games because for me it is very important event, and it will bring goodness among countries in Asia, it will result to cooperation, camaraderie, unity, sportsmanship among nations and it can help to the economy of Asia. During the actual sports, everybody is very supportive to their corresponding team and everybody shows respect to each other, that’s one thing that I like.

Since I can’t watch the different sports event in 2014 Asian games in a live venue at Incheon, South Korea, I will consider other options like watching it on a television or in the Internet. Although it is better to watch it in live venue, what is important is I can watch and updated about the different sport event and to monitor how much gold each country has garner. To all players no matter what is your nationality good luck to all of you. I wish and pray that you will always safe.

Avoid stress to have longer life

If you want to live longer in this world you must avoid stress because too much stress can shorten your life. If you are stress physically and mentally, you cannot sleep well. Stress is one of the causes of chronic illness, insomnia, and heart ailment that can cause death. Stress can give you pressure and tension; in that sense it can make your life complicated and problematic. How can we avoid stress? 

Stress can be avoided by having a simple life; don’t look for more just contented on what you have in your life in that particular time. If you want to achieve more don’t go in a hurry to achieve that instantly, be patience and little by little achieve what you are aiming. In that sense you have no pressure and tension in achieving what you want in life.

Try to have more friends than enemies; if you have lots of friends you can always smile and it will keep you away from troubles. In case you have problems, your friends can help you and can comfort you. Having more enemies is not good because it will add you stress and it will make your world smaller.

Have a plan in your work by organizing it so that you can have your output finish on time, in that sense you cannot have pressure about your work. Unorganized plan for your work can cause you stress because it will give you pressure.

Avoid arguing with somebody because it will shift your god mood into a bad mood. If there is problems talk to the person that cause you a problem nicely and find solutions so that everything will go to be alright.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweater Asil Cross Breeding

This breeding season I would like to cross breed my 1/2 asil- sweater broad stag to my pure sweater broad hens to produce a 3/4 sweater and 1/4 rampuri asil battle cross. I like Sweater game fowl or fighting cocks because it is one of the popular game fowl bloodline today. Some of the characteristics of a sweater fighting cocks, they are yellow legged, peacombed, high stationed, sleek body conformation and with their characteristic pumpkin-orange hackle feathers.  Sweater fighting cocks has a swarming offensive fighting style, they can kill their opponent in the air and ground.  Sweater bloodline was popularized in the Philippines to our local game fowl breeders by one of the famous breeder Carol NeSmith who won the International Derby, the World Slashers cup back to back champion.

The origin of Sweater game fowl is mired by so many versions, some even contradictory. However, it is commonly accepted that the sweater bloodline, as originated by Sweater McGinnis, is heavy on the Kelso blood with a yellow leg hatch. As of the present, the more well known Sweaters fighting cocks are those which come from the following breeder like Dink Fiar, Bruce Barnette, Nene Abello, Sonny Lagon, Atty. Jun Mendoza, Raffy Campos and Edwin Aranez, Bebot and Chionkee Uy, among many others.

Sweater are good to be cross breed with asil to produce a battle cock with all around fighting style from air to ground. The characteristics of asil game fowl are big headed, light-eyed, heavy boned, short and tight feathered and thickly shanked. Asil are very brainy and hardy, these game fowl use an off-beat fighting style which twits the aggressive type of gamefowl. Asil are accurate body hitters and smart side-steppers to avoid being hit by their opponent.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Java comments

Comments are notes written to a code for documentation purposes. Those text are not part of the Java program and does not affect the flow of the program but also important. Comments are useful so that you can document every part of your code especially when it is more than a hundred lines. Comments make your code readable and understandable.

Java supports three types of comments: C++-style single line comments, C-style multiline comments and special javadoc comments. C++ Style comments starts with //. All the text after // are treated as comments. For example,

// This is a C++ style or single line comments
C-style comments or also called multiline comments starts with a /* and ends with a */. All text in between the two delimeters are treated as comments. Unlike C++ style comments, it can span multiple lines. For example,

/* this is an exmaple of a 
    C style or multiline comments */
Special Javadoc comments are used for generating an HTML documentation for your Java programs. You can create javadoc comments by starting the line with /** and ending it with */. Like C-style comments, it can also span lines. It can also contain certain tags to add more information to your comments. For example,

 This is an example of special java doc comments used for \n
 generating an html documentation. It uses tags like: 
 @author Noel N. Mosura 
 @version 1.2

It is a good practice to get into the habit of putting comments into your source code to enhance its readability for yourself and also to other programmers who are members of the development team especially if you are working as a team. It is not always instantly clear what actions a piece of code is performing. A few explanatory lines can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to understand the source code.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Round head hatch crosses

This 2014 breeding season I would like to produce a battle cross between Boston round head and McLean green leg hatch.  Boston’s are good looking fighting cocks their featherings are colored light red to orange feather, they are black breasted, some have several white streaked in wings and tail, most are medium stations, and  the color of their legs are yellow. 

Boston roundheads are cool headed not so aggressive, smart, very patient, fast on the ground and can strike on the air, sometimes delivers fast unexpected strapping shuffles at the back of its opponent when both of them are in the ground, they also side step their opponent like asil to avoid getting hit, multiple shuffler, has a very good timing to deliver its blow, they are high breakers fighting cocks. Most are defensive fighters like oriental fowls. The Boston is very good to cross breed with the hatches family like the McLean green leg hatch.

McLean hatch are known for their characteristics like power and gameness, their blows often packing a wallop which is very deadly. They are basically medium-stationed and pea combed with some coming straight combed.  I am inspired to cross breed the hatch to round heads because there are game fowl breeders who won several times in derbies using the cross breeding of roundheads and hatch. 

I believed that in cock fighting the battle cross chicken not only need to be aggressive in order to win in the battle, but it also need to become defensive and accurate. And I believe that roundhead-hatch crosses are good enough and can have both offensive and defensive traits and fighting style.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to declare variable in Java

As a Java programmer, I would like to share on how to declare variables in Java. A variable is an item of data used to store state of objects; it has a data type and a name. The data type indicates the type of value that the variable can hold. The variable name must follow rules for identifiers. To declare a variable in Java is as follows:

<data type> <name> [=initial value];

Note: Values enclosed in <> are required values, while those values enclosed in [] are optional. Here is a sample program on how to declare variable in Java:

public class VariableExamples
    public static void main( String[] args ){
        //declare a data type with variable name
       double average; 
       int num1;
       int num2;
       int sum;
       average = sum/2;

      System.out.println(“Average of two numbers: “ + average);

The example Java program above declares the following variables: average of data type double, num1, num2, and sum of data type as integer.  The variable num1 is assigned a value of 3, variable num2 is assigned a value of 7, variable sum is assign a formula sum=num1+num2, variable average is assign a formula of average = sum/2, and finally the string “Average of two numbers:” together with the value hold by variable average is printed on the screen using the output command in Java System.out.println.

Some guidelines to follow in declaring variables in Java:

1. It always good to initialize your variables as you declare them.
2. Use descriptive names for your variables. Like for example, if you want to have a variable that contains average, name it as, average and not just some random letters you choose.
3. Declare one variable per line of code just like in the example code above.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to start fighting cocks breeding from scratch

Cock fighting is very popular in the Philippines; there are many well-known breeders who are champion in international derby like world slasher cup and candelaria derby. Other popular derby are bakbakan and digmaan, this 2014 stag derbies usually start in the month of September. But how to start fighting cocks breeding from scratch?

The breeding of fighting cocks is not easy, you need to consider many things and make a best plan on how you are going to breed them. The first thing you need to consider is your starting capital or budget, once budget is determine you can plan how big is your initial breeding in terms of target production. Second thing to be consider is the area wherein you are going to breed them and use later when you have already in the production stage, consider the place where to chord them, the range area, the breeding pen, the broader , also determine the source of water where to get it. Third consider where you are going to get or acquire your broad cock and broad hens this is very important because bloodline is one of the important aspect in the breeding of fighting cocks.

If you start breeding fighting cocks from scratch you need to have a quality breeding materials so that your money, time, and effort will not be wasted. Good breeding materials will produce good offspring that are high station, good body formation, and better fighting style. It will result to more winning or higher percentage of winning. If you plan to breed fighting cocks for business or battle you need to start breeding right by having good breeding materials.