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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Diet and exercise help to loose weight

Nowadays,a lot of people are developing different kinds of illness associated with obesity regardless of age. Many children and adolescents already have diabetes,hypertension and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) because of this unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. Though there are many predisposing factors that  can cause these conditions,but, one of the most common is lack of outdoor activities. All of us indulge ourselves to the high end technologies that we have that causes us to become lazy and less sociable.

Losing weight??naaah!! A typical response from people after hearing the words "diet and exercise". Others will opt to stay at home and sleep rather than to go out and do something productive.

Being healthy and staying healthy could be quite challenging for most people. They have tons of excuses for not doing so. Why dont you start by getting out of your comfort zone and try to experience the real life outside your door? Stretching your muscles is your first step to become healthy and fit!

Exercise doesn't necessarily to go to the gym and lifting heavy objects. Doing those activities of daily living could be the start. By just walking everyday whether at work or at the park,even at your own backyard ,is already considered as an exercise. Doing household chores is also a way to use up the calories you have consumed.

Engaging yourself to sports is fun too. If you love to run, you can go for jogging with your friends or loved ones. Biking is also a good cardiovascular exercise at the same time it's excting! Swimming is considered as one of the best exercises as well, it helps you to burn calories and body trimming. Basketball and badminton can boost your stamina.

If you are not a sports enthusiast, especially for ladies, the latest trend now is doing the zumba dance. You can either enroll in a class or do it at home. Others includes aerobics, yoga, etc.

All of these activities must be accompanied by a healthy diet as well. Cut down the junk foods and sweets and eat more healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. A healthy routine can be established if you have started to do it regularly for 30 days, then it becomes your habit.

Living a healthy life starts within yourself, the motivation to do it depends on your determination. Get yourself out there and have some amazing activities together with your friends and family!

Live healthy, stay fit and be happy!

Cock derby using asil

Some of the gamefowl breeder also use asil or aseel battle cross in stag derby like bakbakan, digmaan and tukaan and other cock derby like world slasher cup, and candelaria derby. Asil or aseel is a breed of fighting cocks that for me posses better defensive fighting style. This kind of breed is very defensive, have good endurance, head hitter, very hard and brave fighter with attitude to inspire, excellent in naked heels and metal spurs and accurate in hitting the opponent. Typical description would be small curved beak, strong joints, pearl / white / yellow eye color, short crow, small comb and have heavy body structure.

Asil or aseel are need to be cross breed to other speedy gamefowl in order to produce a better or best battle cock and in order to have a higher winning percentage in stag or cock derby. It is good to cross breed asil or aseel to hatches family like the Hi Action. The hi-actions are generally high breaking hatch strains, good timing birds, they hit hard and could cut very well. Some of the breeder in the Philippines developed a battle cross that are good for long knife. This battle crosses are used in stag derby and cock derby and some are breed for commercial purposes.

The basic on how to cross breed asil or aseel to be used in stag derby and cock derby is to have an asil or aseel brood cock and a hi action brood hen. Their offspring become 50 percent asil or aseel and 50 percent hi action hatch. Pit all the male offspring and if their is a winner mate that winner back to hi action hen. Their offspring now become 75 percent hi action hatch and 25 percent asil or aseel. Now select the best pullet, the 75 percent hi-action and 25 percent asil and mate that to any American fowl like the kelso, sweater or grey and I am sure most of the male offspring when pit will have a higher winning percentage in stag derby like bakbakan, digmaan and tukaan and other cock derby like world slasher cup and candelaria derby.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Videoke machine business

In Bacolod city Negross Occidental, I have a videoke machine for rent during occasions like birthday, wedding, and baptism. If you have a business like resto bar, beer house and related business and you need a videoke machine to be install in your place, just message me at 09499085139. Videoke machine is a good business; we can share 60-40 sharing. In order to start a videoke machine business, you do not need to have a large capital; if you have a better place that is ideal for videoke like bus terminal, kiosk during fiesta and other place that do you think it is possible to get an income out of the videoke, you can rent a machine and get a 40 percent sharing. Example, if the income of videoke machine per week is 3,000 then 40 percent of that is 1,200, in one month you can get 4,800 pesos.

The videoke machine is composed of a box made of marine plywood that will serve as casing. Inside the box are the speakers, amplifier, twitter, player (usually the most commonly used today is the mega vision player in 500G or 1 terabyte HD capacity), and other electronic devices. The cost of one unit videoke machine is Php38,500 for low-end and Php45,000.00 for a high-end one.

To attract a customers to come and sing in your videoke machine, it is important that you will upgrade the songs of your machine to the latest one, come up with a good design for your cabinet (the casing of your videoke machine that is made up of marine plywood), and don’t compromise on sound, Filipinos are serious about their music and you cannot make them sing their favorite music if your videoke machine squawks like a parrot. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Advantages of using mobile phones in digital photography

In the age of mobile phones and smart phones you can be a photographer and learn digital photography in your own way. You can use your mobile devices like smart phones and mobile phones in capturing and recording important activities and events digitally. You do not need to bring with you all the time your camera which is not handy; instead you can use your mobile devices to capture digital images. Using your mobile phone and smart phones you can learn photography in an actual situation because you can do some trial and errors and learn some lessons in digital photography. The advantages of using mobile phones and smart phones in digital photography are the following:

1. Portability – While on the go you can use your smart phones to capture images. You can take picture anytime and anywhere while you are in mobile.  If you are traveling in some places, a smart phone is ideal to be use in capturing images of beautiful spots that you can see around.

2. Storage – Using smart phones and mobile phones you can store lots of digital images. The storage capacity of your smart phones can be increase by adding memory card. You can keep clicking till you think you have it. You can delete some images that you do not like and select only the best one. 

3. Security and Back up – Using your smart phone and mobile phones you can secure your images digitally by uploading it to the web. There are online web sites that you can store your images for back up purposes and you can retrieve it incase you need it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Listen to music using mobile devices

Music lover people are now using their mobile devices like phone and tablet to download and listen to their favorite music. They can listen to the music using their tablet or phone while riding in the car, working in their office, in the school during free time, while they are in the mall, in a vacation, while walking in the street and almost anywhere.

The use of mobile phone and tablet in listening to the music via Pandora, Spotify or another digital radio station like FM station, as well as those who download music directly onto their mobile phone, or tablet via the iTunes Store or a similar service is now very popular. There are available apps that are related to music that is available to download in the apps store. One of the example apps that are related to music is the video king. Using these apps you can download and listen to the music as well as you can also sing your favorite song or music.

Phones and tablets manufacturer are now focusing on the manufacturing and marketing of these mobile devices because these are the hot items that the consumer is needed. People want to have mobile devices like smart phones and tablets because some of the latest technology like Internet, digital signature, face and voice recognition, GPS, maps, social media, entertainment like movies and music, apps related to health and other useful mobile apps are almost found in the latest mobile device particularly in phones and tablets.

Personally, I enjoy listening to the music using my mobile phone. I can easily find and download my favorite music anytime anywhere as long as there is connection to the internet. There is no need for me to visit to the music store.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Play mobile games online

The use of mobile devices like tablet, smartphone, and iphone in playing online games is now increasing. There are many consumers today that shift from personal computer to mobile devices when they are playing games online. According to the consumer they prefer to use mobile devices like smartphone or tablet in online gaming because mobile devices are portable, they can play anytime and anywhere as long as there is internet connection. There are available games online that are ready to download using their mobile devise. There are also available upgrades for the online games that they want and they can always upgrade and download the latest version of those online games.

The market of mobile devices today is very good because those mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are powerful. They have many features such as networking, access to powerful resources like the internet, social media, useful apps, and online games for their leisure time.

The benefit of using mobile devices in gaming is that the consumer can play their favorite online games while they are on mobile. They can always connect with their friends and play with them always, and aside from that they can also share resources and ideas using mobile devices.

Manufacture of mobile devices like Apple, Samsung, Lennovo, Cherry Mobile, Alcatel and others have available latest model of their smartphones and tablets that are equip with useful apps and latest games.

There are many consumers today particularly the younger ones who own mobile devices like tablet and smartphones. The primary purpose why they want to have mobile devices is that they are going to use it on communication purpose. Second, they want to have mobile devices because they are going to use it in playing online games.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Using mobile in banking transaction

The use of mobile devices in banking transactions today is very popular; consumer can now use mobile devices such as smart phones, ipad and tablet computers to help manage their money. Banking via mobile device in the future will be the choice of every consumer because using their phones or tablet computers they can always check their balances in the bank, they can pay bills using mobile phones, and consumer can shop online or pay transactions using a mobile devices. Many consumer who banked via mobile reported that they now felt more in control of their money, because they were able to check their account status more often, ensure bills were paid on time and avoid being overdrawn.

In early days phones are primarily use in communication particularly voice call, but today in the age of Information Technology phones are know become powerful. Smart phones are one of the modern gadgets today that is use in business transactions and later on the tablets are also gaining popularity when it comes to connectivity and it is use in dealing with online transactions like banking.

Today’s generation of people want that everything is in their hands using the technology. They can do more or they can be efficient and productive if they have the latest technology with them. One example are they can monitor they business and home with CCTV connected to the internet and using their smart phone or tablets they can watch over what is happening even if they are away.

Using the mobile devices they can always monitor their balances in the bank and they can perform online transactions remotely.