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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Filipinos are one of the best boxers

Boxing is a sport where everybody wants to watch in live venue, TV, or online in live streaming.  I am also one of the boxing fans and boxing is my favorite sports. My dream is to watch in live venue , may be at the MGM grand the boxing fight of Manny Pacquiao vs Flyod Myweather Jr. but it seems there is no chance that the boxing match of Pacman and Myweather come true. 

Base on some reports, I hear from Bombo radio Philippines, one of their reporter mentioned that Many Pacquiao has a surprise for all his boxing fans but he didn’t mentioned what kind of surprise is that.  May be his surprise is he will announce his retirement in boxing or he will announce his plan to run in election on 2016 or it is possible that the said surprise is about the Manny Pacquiao vs Flyod Myweather dream match.

Aside from Manny Pacquiao, there are also Filipinos who are considered as best boxers like, Nonito the “Filipino Flash Donaire”, he is also a world class Filipino boxer; others are Jerry Penalosa, Luisito Espinosa, Bombom Bautista, and others.

To all young Filipinos who are aspiring to become a world class boxer keep on practice and give focus to your boxing career if you think that you have a potential in boxing. You need to have self-discipline in terms of your practices, diet, and time management. You can follow the foot steeps of Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino who is considered as one of the best boxer in the world.

As a boxing fanatic like others, I am always wishing that I can watch the boxing fight of my idol Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. I know, not only me is wishing for that dream match, but people who love boxing wants also to watch that fight.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to prevent hackers from attack

In cyberspace your identity, personal information, and identity could be at risk. It is important for us to find ways to prevent hackers from attack. Using the Internet hackers has hundreds of tools that can be used to attack your private information; these hacking tools include keystroke loggers. Keystroke loggers that record every single keystroke you type on your computer like your bank account password, email messages, credit card number and other important sensitive data.  If your computer is connected to the Internet it is possible that hackers can take advantage to use it to launch attacks against thousands of other users and computers.

To prevent hackers from attack you need to always update your Operating system, updated OS includes new patches to correct bugs of previous version. When your OS is always updated, malicious program like worms cannot destroy your systems file immediately. Install and always update your antivirus software, this can help to protect your computer from worm, computer virus, trojans, and hacker attack.

Aside from updating your Operating system and installing anti-virus, you can install anti spyware program to protect your computer from adware files, trojans, dialers, PUPs, Browser Hijackers or unwanted toolbars, key loggers, rootkits and other malware or junkware files that can infect your computer. There are free anti-spyware program available to download like Junkware removal tool, RogueKiller, Spybot Search and Destroy and others.

The use of firewall is also important; it simply tries to block hackers from entering or using your computer. Some of free software based firewall are ZoneAlarm, McAfee Personal Firewall, and Norton personal firewall. Using of complex password is also advisable so that it is difficult to guess by hacker.

Mobile apps for note taking

Mobile apps for taking notes are useful when users are on the go to attend seminars, workshops, lecture forum, and attending in the class lecture. Using mobile apps for note taking you can record important notes during lecture forum, seminars, and it is useful to students, teachers, and other professionals.

The way mobile apps for note taking operates is like a traditional text editor program wherein you can type text, make some text formatting like the font size, font type. You can also change the alignment from left, right, and center. In addition using the Notes mobile apps you can create numbered and bulleted lists. 

In the age of information technology, lots of useful inventions are made available to the user. Mobile apps are very popular today and they are useful to us. Some of the common category of mobile apps is book, business, education, entertainment, finance, games, health and fitness, medical, music, navigation, news, photo, video, networking and others.

The mobile apps that is use to take notes is belong to education category. Mobile apps use to take notes are useful to teacher and students during class. It can be used to record important notes discuss by teacher and later using the apps you can search topics easily. Teacher also can read and review their lesson while in mobile because of the portability of the mobile device that stores the notes for the class.

Some of the note taking apps available today for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone are Evernote, Google Keep, OneNote, GNotes, Notabilty, Penultimate, and others.

Android programming today is popular because you can earn money out the mobiles apps that you can developed.

Friday, July 4, 2014

How to make money in research

Research and development is very important in the sense that many technologies are being developed because of research. The products of research can make our life easy and comfortable because the technology we are using every day can help us to become productive citizen. You can make lots of money out of research. For example, if you a have a finished research about renewable energy you can make money out of that.

In some institution like school, students and teacher are encourage to conduct some research in the fields of their specialization. For example, if you are in the food technology department you can do some research on how to prepare and process foods efficiently. If you’re in Information and Communication Technology department, you can conduct researches related to software development like creating useful apps for android that can be used to make our life productive.

Not only institution like school is encouraged to do research work. Everybody needs to do a research because by doing research you can help or you can contribute to the progress of your country. There are agencies that can help to finance your research for example the Department of Science and Technology can help by giving you money to be spent in your research.

In other developing countries, they give more focus in research and development because they can get more money and aside from that, research can help to improve the economy of a country. Today there is lots of technology that are considered as products of research like mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.  Research is also useful in different fields like education, engineering, agriculture, transportation, medicine, telecommunication and others.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Portable charger for mobile devices

Today mobile devices like smart phones, iphones, and tablets are widely used. The used of this technology are popular because they are portable, handy and if can fit on your pocket. Mobile devices needs battery in order to operate but the capacity of the battery cannot meet the user needs especially when they are on mobile or travelling outside and there is no electricity available. The use of portable charger is important while user is on the go or travelling. There is lots of portable charger available today like the Megalo Mini. Megalo Mini is a powerful pocket charger for smartphones.

The advantages of having a portable charger is that, it is very helpful when you’re travelling from a place without electricity. In case the battery of your mobile devices like smart phone or tablets is low you can use the portable charger to charge your devices and you can continue using your smart phones or tablet to communicate with others. 

Portable charger generally has high power and high capacity is very large, by that, you can charge your smart phone and other mobile devices like smart phone, tablets or iphones faster. Since you are travelling it is important that your portable charger is fast enough to charge your mobile devices. Portable charger generally uses micro USB and mini USB port. What is good in that is they can be used to charge several different mobile devices such as smart phone, iphones, and tablets.

For those user who are always travelling from a remote place that do not have electricity, the use of portable charger is important. Always keep in mind that when you are going outside you need to prepare always so that in case you need it, you have it ready to be use.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Using mobile devices in classroom

Students today have mobile phones, iphone, tablets, and e-readers, this technology can be used in classroom. As technology become advance, let’s consider the use of mobile devices in classroom teaching.

Mobile devices like, smartphone, iphone, and tablets are useful in classroom in the sense that they can be used as a tool to do some research. For example, a teacher give a research work or assignment to a student, using mobile devices, student can connect to Internet and search a particular topic in search engine, using mobile devices,  students can retrieve and read information about the topic assigned to them.

While the teacher is writing on the board, using their mobile phones, students can take an image or picture about what is written on the board, and that image will serve as notes for that lecture or class. Mobile devices like smart phones, and tablet can store digital books, it is easy for the students to read e-books while on mobile. Teacher also can use mobile devices as a source of their lecture notes.

It is possible for the teacher to create SMS chat room exclusive for their class and they can share ideas while they are not in school. They become updated, and can receive important announcement using their mobile devices.  Students can use their smart phones to remind them about important school events like schedule of exams and other school calendar of activities. Student can also watch video tutorials that are educational using their mobile devices.

The use of mobile devices in classroom is both useful to teachers and students. There are useful information related to their subject that can be retrieve in the cyberspace using mobile devices. The learning resources that they can retrieve are digital or e-books, CAI, tutorials, educational games, and educational videos.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Social media can help your business grow

Internet is a connection of computers over a network. You can use internet in research, education, government, transportation, business and other transactions online like e-commerce. Today internet is also use for advertisement. There are several online marketing used to attract more customers. Social media like facebook can also be used to promote your business and it can help to make it grow.

How to use social media like facebook in promoting your products and services in the internet? Based on my own experienced, I have a facebook account; I created a facebook page for my videoke rental business. Before I create my page on facebook I make a plan first on what should be in page and what name I should give to the page. Since my business is video rental, and I want only to cover Bacolod city, Philippines, I created a page and name it as “videoke rental Bacolod” and put my contact number on that page.

I observe that the search engine like Google put the link of my page (the one I created in facebook) in the first page of the search result every time the keyword “videoke for rent Bacolod” is being search. How it can help to my videoke rental business? The answer is by displaying the link of my facebook page that contains my contact number at the search engine, it is easy for the customers to reach me and ask about the details of videoke rentals.  I have more customers because my services is visible to them in the internet and social media is the tool I used to promote my videoke rental business.

People today are using the search engine to find products and services they want. Aside from search engine you can also use social media like facebook to promote and market your products and services. There are millions of users connected to the internet and users of social media. These users are your potential customers of your business.