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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Carrying watch at all time

It is important for everyone men or women to have watch on them so that they can always monitor the time. A watch is a small timepiece worn by a person so that they can access to the time quickly. Men or women like to use watch because it is convenient to monitor the time, date and day, and watch can be use as stopwatch, timer and alarm.  Using a watch is far more convenient than having to fetch out a phone in the pocket.

There are watches available for men and women like sports watches, pilot watches that is designed to meet the navigational needs of pilots, chronograph watches that is design for multi-function uses, luxury watches that is compose of superior materials and precious gems, diamond watch for fashionable one that can help dress up an outfit, quartz watch that you can rely on accuracy, mechanical watch, and water resistant watches are also available.

Watches for kids are also available and there are many kinds of watches for the kids. Kids like watches with design of their favorite cartoon characters and favorite super heroes. There is also some useful watch for kids like a watch equipped with a GPS, GMS and WiFi to allow parents to locate their child using the most accurate location information.

With the advent of technology today watches are not only use to monitor the time, date, and day but it can use to monitor other activity especially if the parents want to monitor their child. Watches today are available on the web in your favorite online store. You can buy it anytime, anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet and you have online payments that can be use.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Prevention of gamefowl diseases

As gamefowl or fighting cocks breeder the prevention of diseases is very important because gamefowl are prone to diseases and when it hits on your birds it can cause too much money loss to a breeder. How to prevent gamefowl diseases? And what vaccination is going to apply in order to prevent gamefowl diseases?

Some of the of the gamefowl or fighting cocks diseases and vaccination are gumboro disease which is a contagious viral infection of a young chickens. For gumboro disease some gamefowl breeder use the hipragumboro GM97 vaccine. This kind of vaccine for gumboro deisease is a live strong but safe vaccine which can be given even in the presence of high level of maternal antibodies . The administration can be through eye drop, mouth drop, nose drop, drinking water or spray.

Another type of gamefowl disease which is common is coryza which characterized by an acute respiratory disease which is fast spreading. The symptoms of coryza is birds have swollen facial tissues. One of the vaccines that can be used in coryza is the Coripravac AH which provides protection against A, B, and C serotypes of infectious coryza.

New Castle Disease or NCD is very dangerous gamefowl disease because there is no treatment for this only prevention through vaccination. NCD is a gamefowl disease caused by a virus. The symptoms of NCD includes respiratory disease and gut lesions leading to poor growth, nervous signs that include paralysis and twisting of the head and sudden death. Some of the vaccines that can be used against new castle disease are 1. Hipraviar-clon which is live cloned NCD vaccine used for priming and booster vaccination. 2. Hipraviar-B1 which is a live NCD B1B1 strain vaccine used for priming vaccination. 3. Hipraviar-S which contain live NCD La Sota strain vaccine used for booster vaccinitions.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fashionable skirt for ladies

Wearing of skirt or outer garment fastened around the waist and hanging down around the legs is very popular to some fashionable ladies. There are lots of skirts that a lady can choose with different colors, style, size from small, medium, large, extra-large, and design that are suited for them.

Some of the popular types of skirts for ladies are circular skirts that are made in a circular shape, so that in whatever way you hold and look at it, it forms a circle. Another type of skirt is A-Line Skirts, which look like the letter A when you view it from the front or back side. Wrap skirts is a type of skirt that wrap around the waist and leg part and overlap at any side you want. Aside from the types of skirts mentioned above, there are also Flared Skirts, Umbrella Skirts, and Dirndle Skirt.

With the advent of technology, it is now easy to find available ladies skirt online. You can choose skirt suited to you and you can purchase it online. There is no need to go to shopping malls and boutiques, in that sense you can save time and effort. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ladies shoes fashion

Ladies shoes are intended to protect and comfort the foot while doing various activities and also it is used by ladies who are fashion lover. Ladies used different types of shoes paired with different styles of dressing. I saw ladies wearing different types of shoes in different occasion and places.

The most common types of ladies shoes that are popular and use in fashion are sandals which is ideal to wear during summer season, sandals comes with different variety, design, style and colors. Other types of ladies shoes is Ballet Flats which is ideal to use during work, while you are travelling, doing your weekend activities, shopping, and other outdoor activities while you are on the go.

Kitten Heels is also another types of ladies shoes that can be use during interviews, work affairs and generally when you just need a comfortable heel that is not very high. Boots is a type of shoes for ladies that can be use during wet season to keep your feet warm as well as stylish. Aside from wearing boots during wet season, you can use a Flat boots for everyday wear and also heeled boots for your evening wear.

Ladies also love workout activities in order to maintain their shapes, a sneaker shoes are used during workout in gym or running around. Wedges are also one of popular ladies shoes.  It is easier to wear it can carry you from summer into fall. They give you the height and elongation you want with less stress on your foot.

Ladies shoes can be easily purchase today online. You can use the net to find ladies shoes for fashion and you can do online purchase without spending much time to go to shopping malls.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Lemon gamefowl cross breed

Last week my friend gave me a lemon pullet which came from his winning line lemon gamefowl he told me that I am going to cross breed it to my hulsey grey. The father of this lemon pullet is a five times winner and now a five year old cock. Lemon gamefowl are medium stationed known for its smart fighting style, an offbeat sense of timing that catches its opponent with powerful single stroke killing hits.  It is a vertical flyer, is known to sidestep and counterattack.

Lemon is also one of my favorite gamefowl bloodline because as I observed lemon gamefowl will fight up to their last breath. They will never give up to their opponent cock, they will continue to fight even they are heavily wounded.

Some say it lacks gameness but crosses with Albanies, Kelsos and Sweaters gamefowl will produce a better battle cock. In my case I would like to cross breed lemon gamefowl to my duke Hulsey grey, because the best lemon gamefowl are also come from the legendary gamefowl breeder Duke Hulsey. The hulsey grey and hulsey lemon are the winning line of some gamefowl breeders from Bacolod City, Negross Occidental. As far as I know, one game fowl breeder in Negros sir Eddie Boy Ledesma of Fire and Ice is one of the breeders of hulsey lemon and hulsey grey.

The lemon game fowl are old line but still winning line as of today. Some said that one dis advantage of lemon gamefowl is they are medium stationed but I believed that in cock fighting it is not on whether high or medium stationed, it is on the bloodline that are winning line and lemon game fowl is one of the winning bloodline as of today that can compete to modern gamefowl.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blouse for ladies fashion

More ladies today are fashionable; they have different style in dressing up themselves. Using of blouse for fashion is most common to ladies. Blouse doesn't have to be short or long sleeved. Blouse has buttons or zippers, some kind of closure, and is made of a fine fabric like silk or satin so it can hang loosely.

Blouse for ladies fashion comes in different styles such as round and square neck blouse design; these are the most common blouse designs that are in fashion since time immemorial. Rectangular and oval neck blouse design; these design particularly suits petite women. Since short-heighted women have short necks, this design accentuates their body shape. Plus, backless blouse designs add glamor to their personality, which is again their preference. Chinese collar blouse design is best to be use by ladies with long neck and it was popularize by the yester years Bollywood actress Rekha.

For tall ladies, it is best to use the high neck blouse design for best fashion, and for ladies with short necks should rather go for plunging blouse neck designs so that it shifts the focus from their short necks. Ladies should know how to wear blouse properly in order to become fashionable. The style of dress for ladies is very important since it can attract someone and attractive ladies are said to be fashionable.

Fashion or the style of dress for ladies never ends, in fact more fashion are introduced every year and ladies in modern times are very fashionable particularly in dressing up themselves. Blouse for ladies are very common and fashionable all the time.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hand bag for women fashion

Hand bags are very popular to women, aside from using hand bags to put things such as cellphone, wallet, credit card, ATM card, debit card, tissue, and other personal things. Hand bags are also used by women for fashion. Majority of the hand bags are handled medium-to-large bag that is often have fashionably designed. Women's clothing frequently lacks pockets; because of that women always carry hand bags to secure their personal things inside their bag.

Most of the women wear hand bag that are fitted with their outfit so that they become good looking and fashionable. Hand bags vary from sizes, designs, colors, style, and are used in different purposes and different occasions.

There are different types of hand bags but the tote bags are mostly used by women because they can use it in different types of occasion and it is elegant. Tote bag contains many pocket, it means women can put their personal things inside to secure those things.

Some women acquire different hand bags to be used in different purposes and occasions. If women have lots of things to carry, big hand bag will be ideal to use. Different bag will be used during dinner date, and a small bag is needed if women have few things to bring with her. Asides make-up and dressing, bags also enhance a woman’s beauty and her outward appearance.

Now a days, it is very easy to find and buy hand bags for women. You can visit to department store or boutique near to you and purchase a hand bag. Online shopping today is very popular were in you can search to the Web and select hand bags that you like and you can make online order. The selected hand bag that you have chosen will be delivered to you and there is no need for you to go out in your home to have fashionable hand bag.