Hatch Gray Butcher Crosses

Gamefowl breeding is more of challenges; it needs more time and money. But it is very satisfying when you can come up with fighting cocks that can give you higher winning percentage. I am new in breeding fighting cocks and I am going to start breeding them. I will use out-crossing and cross breeding methods. My foundation blood lines are butcher, gray, and hatch bloodline.

I am going to out-cross my gray fighting cock to a gray hen coming from another breeder, and called the offspring as G. Then my butcher cock will be out-cross to the butcher hen coming from another breeder and I will called the offspring as B. The result produce in out-crossing the butcher fowl (B) will be cross breed to a hatch hen, and then I will call its offsping as BH. And finally, I will cross breed offspring G to offspring BH and called the output as HG Butcher.

HG Butcher is my new gamefowl bloodline. It’s composition is ¼ hatch, ½ gray, and ¼ butcher bloodline. I am going to test the offspring later to see the results. If this can give me a higher winning percentage in the pit then I will continue to breed them, otherwise if it is not then I will change my breeding system.

It will take many years to produced your own winning bloodline. It is just like you are experimenting or doing some research about gamefowl or fighting cocks. If my hatch gray butcher crosses will be successful I will update you all.