Melsim Black – Gray Crosses

This breeding season, I want to try to breed my melsim black gray fighting cock to my butcher hens. The expected offspring of these crosses will compose of ¼ melsim black, ¼ gray, and ½ butcher. I believe that the cross-breeding between melsim black gray and butcher will produced a high winning percentage. Melsim black fighting cocks are very good shuffler, butcher are good side stepper, and gray fighting cocks are brainy.

In order to produce an ace cock, fighting cocks must be care properly. From the time they are born, you should give proper care, vitamins, vaccine, and feedings. As they grow, fighting cocks also needs exercise. It is good to give your fighting cocks access to grass. Delouse and de-worm your fighting cocks regularly.

Pre-conditioning of your fighting cocks is also a big factor if you want to have a high winning percentage. Some breeder give their fighting cocks a pre-conditioning feeds starting at the age of 5-months and up and give a B-12 or B-complex vitamins.

Aside from mentioned factors above to achieve a high winning percentage, handler is also important. Your handler is responsible of conditioning your cock and he is also the one who is in charge in pointing during fight day. The role of a gaffer is also important. If your gaffer is not good, surely you will loss in the game of cockfighting. So, in order to achieve high winning percentage, your fighting cock need proper care, proper foods and vitamins, find a good handler, and a good gaffer.