Coryza treatment - medication

I am a small breeder who breeds chicken (fighting cocks, kabir, orientals). The usual disease of chicken that I have encounter in my poultry is the infectious coryza and I don’t know the treatment for this kind of disease. The symptoms of this disease are the following, nasal discharge, sneezing, and swelling of the face under the eyes. I do some inquiries to my friends who also breed chickens. I asked them on how to treat this coryza disease. One of my friends tells that I am going to use TRISULAK in order to treat coryza. Immediately, I go to the feeds supply and ask for TRISULAK and inquire about the dosage for this kind of medicine. The sales personnel of the feed supply tells me that I am going to give one TRISULAK capsule every day to infected chicken for three to five days. I follow the advice of the sales personnel, on the first, I observed that there is an improvement with regards to the health of my chicken who suffer from coryza, same thing happened on the second day, and on the third day, the sickly chicken is already treated.

Aside from giving TRISULAK during the period that the chicken suffered from coryza disease, I also inject the sickly chicken with complexor b-complex with iron vitamins, I give them 0.3ml. Electrolytes like aquadox are also given through their drinking water. It is also important to keep your sickly chicken in the cage so that they can hide if there is a rain or to much sunlight.