Native chicken and egg for sale

For sale native chicken and egg in Negros particularly in Bacolod City that possesses a distinctive taste compared to others like the commercial broilers and egg produce by commercial layers. I am a small breeder who breeds the following native or oriental chickens like Jolo and visaya. Aside from Jolo and visaya, I am also breeding kabir chicken. My farm is located in Concepcion, Talisay City Negros Occidental; you can reach me in my mobile number +639093958061 if you want to have an order.

Some of the best menu for native chicken are the following, chicken tinola, chicken binacol, native lechon chicken, native chicken Barbecue (BBQ) and chicken adobo. For native chicken tinola, the main ingredients are papaya, leaves of siling labuyo, lemon grass, tomato, onion, and garlic. For chicken binacol, the main ingredients are coconut water (buko juice), potato, carrots, onion, and garlic. The ingredients for native lechon manok and native chicken barbecue (BBQ) are the same with the ingredients used in cooking broiler and barbecue that is broiler.

Many people who really wants to eat native chicken than broiler because they are satisfied with the distinctive taste of it. Aside from a good taste of native chicken, their flesh is firm compared to the commercial broiler.

Among the above mentioned menu for native chicken, the most popular is the native chicken tinola. The usual comment of some people with regards to these menu is that “Native chicken tinola is delicious than broiler chicken tinola”.