Dom fighting style - traits

The Dom game fowl - fighting cocks is originated from England. It is breed by W. R. Smith of Lawrence and later acquired and breeds by J. W. Chappell. Dom fighting style – traits, they are known for cutting ability, and gameness, with decent speed. There are outside infusion to the original Dom from England in order to maintain the purity of the bloodline. A Spanish Cock called Santa Ana, an Arlington cock, and a Mingus Dom cock are some of the infusion.

In the Philippines, Dom is called bulik and one of the famous breeders of dom or bulik is Gen Gen Arayata who become a back to back world slasher cup champion. The dom or bulik fighting cocks in the Philippines are now very popular and there are many gamefowl breeder who breeds this bloodline. You can infuse some of the gamefowl bloodline to produce a superior bulik or dom fighting cocks. Some of the successful breeder, the composition of their dom or bulik are 50% yellow leg hatch - 25% sweater and 25% leiper or penny hatch.

In my case I have also Dom or bulik bloodline. I acquired it on my cousin who also a breeder. The history of his dom or bulik is, before he has a financer who is a seaman who bring him egg from abroad. That egg is taken from a famous breeder in US who breeds the dom bloodline. The egg hatch and he take care of the chicks until become a brood stag, he cross-bred it with is imported Albany hen and produced offspring and majority of the offspring are dom. The offspring of that cross-breed between the dom and Albany produced winning lines and it is tested in the pit and has a good winning percentage.

I have also a version of my dom, I cross-bred it with my grey, butcher, and with my hatch but I have never tested it in the pit because they are only 6 months old as of this time.