Mel sims Black Fighting Style

I have one mel simms black in my backyard farm, but it is not a pure mel sims black, it is composed of 50% mel simms black and 50% hatch. The fighting style or traits of melsims black as I observed is that, they are typical brownred looking, straight comb, medium station, heavy feathered, dark legged, lemon hackles to mulberry faced dark brownreds. They have a deep breast bone and small heads. The fighting style is that they want to make contact immediately. They go straight in like a bullet and when they close the distance they will unload a barrage of blows non stop till they can't no more. They are very hard hitters, almost hatch who are a multiple shuffler, but with a lot of speed and extreme aggression. When well conditioned and on his exact weight, they are a very good shuffler, but it is not good to overweight them. The melsims black can take the gaff when they are hit and they are not easily down and when hit by the opponent they are capable to throw a counter punches.

This breeding season, I am going to cross breed my melsims black to my butcher, dom, and hatch hens. I will test later their offspring to the pit and observed which crosses can give a high percentage of winning. When I found which crosses is doing will in the pit, I will continue to breed that crosses and I am going to add some infusion in order to have a perfect crosses that can give a better and higher winning percentage.