Business Opportunities in breeding fighting Cocks

The history of cock fighting is old as our civilization, people in the past love to breed fighting cocks for leisure and entertainment. Today in the Philippines, fighting cocks or game fowl breeding creates business opportunities. The game fowl industry is one of the growing industries in the Philippines. There are investors who invested in this kind of industry like game fowl breeders, feeds manufacturer, advertising and pharmaceutical companies.

How game fowl breeding creates business opportunities? The breeders produce and sell fighting cocks and breeding materials like brood cocks and brood hens. The manufacturing company produces and sale feeds. The advertising company produced and sale magazines that contains advertisement of products and services in game fowls. The pharmaceutical companies manufactured and sale medicines and supplies for fighting cocks.

In addition, fighting cocks industry also create jobs and employment because, the breeder hires farm employees to help in the daily operation of the farm. The manufacturing companies hire people to be assigned in manufacturing department to help in the production of feeds, marketing department needs worker to help in the selling and marketing of their products. The advertising companies will also hire employees to help in the layout and writing of the content of magazines about products and services in game fowl breeding.

If you have a small capital, you can also have your own business. You can start a business by selling to your store products needed in breeding of fighting cocks such as feeds, medicines, vitamins and supplements. If your capital is enough, you can be a cock pit operator. You can earn money by promoting derbies.

Fighting cocks industries do not only creates business opportunities, but it also creates job opportunities and employment.