Kabir meat and eggs

Kabir chicken is one of the good sources of meat and fresh table eggs. It is a breed of chicken from Middle East, and kabir chicken is considered as the most in demand for backyard and small enterprise flocks, that is why I breed them.

As of March 12, 2013 I have 100 heads of kabir chicken that is now producing eggs. I continue to breed them for meat and eggs. I sold their meat for 150 pesos per kilo and their eggs are sold for 5 pesos each. I am planning to increase my production this year so that I can cater the demands for kabir chicken meat and eggs.

I choose to breed kabir chicken because they grow rapidly, they have good body conformation and efficient feed conversion because they can survive by themselves. Kabir chicken is also resistant to disease and heat stress. Kabir chicken has a “native” taste and texture. When you are going to cross breed them with native chicken and Jolo or asil chickens, the Kabir qualities are retained in the new breed. The feeding cost is low since kabir chicken can also survive by themselves. Aside from that kabir chicken can be raised in the same manner as “native chickens” and their egg are low in cholesterol.

Kabir chicken is very popular today because aside from the reasons that they are good source of meat and fresh eggs, you can also earn money by becoming a producer and supplier of their eggs and meat. You need a small backyard and a small capital to invest in this kind of business and it is easy to manage.