Saturday, September 20, 2014

Avoid stress to have longer life

If you want to live longer in this world you must avoid stress because too much stress can shorten your life. If you are stress physically and mentally, you cannot sleep well. Stress is one of the causes of chronic illness, insomnia, and heart ailment that can cause death. Stress can give you pressure and tension; in that sense it can make your life complicated and problematic. How can we avoid stress? 

Stress can be avoided by having a simple life; don’t look for more just contented on what you have in your life in that particular time. If you want to achieve more don’t go in a hurry to achieve that instantly, be patience and little by little achieve what you are aiming. In that sense you have no pressure and tension in achieving what you want in life.

Try to have more friends than enemies; if you have lots of friends you can always smile and it will keep you away from troubles. In case you have problems, your friends can help you and can comfort you. Having more enemies is not good because it will add you stress and it will make your world smaller.

Have a plan in your work by organizing it so that you can have your output finish on time, in that sense you cannot have pressure about your work. Unorganized plan for your work can cause you stress because it will give you pressure.

Avoid arguing with somebody because it will shift your god mood into a bad mood. If there is problems talk to the person that cause you a problem nicely and find solutions so that everything will go to be alright.

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