Saturday, September 20, 2014

How I wish I can watch 2014 Asian games

I want to watch the 2014 Asian Games live in Incheon, South Korea but time will not permit me due to some reasons. I am so disappointed I can’t watch the updates of 439 events in live venue at Incheon, South Korea. The list of sports events and schedule that I wanted to watch in 2014 Asian Games are swimming, that is on September 21 to 26, diving on September 29 to October 3, synchronized swimming on September 20 to 23.

Other sports events are water polo, athletics, and archery to be play on September 23 to 28, badminton, baseball and softball. Basketball is one of my favorite sports and it is also included as one of the sports events to be play, good luck team Philippines go for gold. Other sports to be play are bowling and boxing. Filipinos are among one of the best boxer in the world, good luck also to all boxers from Philippines.

I like to watch Asian games because for me it is very important event, and it will bring goodness among countries in Asia, it will result to cooperation, camaraderie, unity, sportsmanship among nations and it can help to the economy of Asia. During the actual sports, everybody is very supportive to their corresponding team and everybody shows respect to each other, that’s one thing that I like.

Since I can’t watch the different sports event in 2014 Asian games in a live venue at Incheon, South Korea, I will consider other options like watching it on a television or in the Internet. Although it is better to watch it in live venue, what is important is I can watch and updated about the different sport event and to monitor how much gold each country has garner. To all players no matter what is your nationality good luck to all of you. I wish and pray that you will always safe.

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