Regular Grey McLean Hatch Crosses

Hatch Grey battle cross is one of my choice, some of the characteristics of regular grey game fowl; they are green legged, sometimes with yellow, silver duck wings and straight comb. They are medium to low-stationed, and are known for power and gameness. Breeders note about hatches game fowl that they are as powerful and dead game as the Bluefaces. In the Philippines, many game fowl breeders have made Regular Grey as their foundation blood line. The McLean Hatch on the other hand has the following characteristics, like power and gameness, their blows often packing a wallop. They are basically medium-stationed and peacombed with some coming straight combed.

You can rely on the hatch in the ground because it can kill the opponent cock in a matter of seconds. The hatch grey crosses are very popular because it is tested and proven that more winning is coming from this battle cross. Greys are high flyer and brainy, side stepper in order to avoid being hit by the opponent. The characteristics of grey game fowl is suitable or match to cross breed with the hatches bloodline in order to produce a winning line battle cross.

Some of the greys families are the Law Grey, the Sweater Gray and the Plainhead Muff Grey.  Some breeders also cross breed their greys to other bloodline like butcher, sweater, clarets, and roundheads. Here are some of the hatches game fowl families, Mcleans, Blueface, and Rubble Hatch, lieper hatch, mel sim hatches are also belong to the hatches families of game fowl. Hatches are good to be cross breed with dom, roundheads, sweater, clarets, greys and asil.

To produce a winning line battle cross, it is also important that proper maintenance like feeding, vaccination, and vitamins should be given to your game fowl.