Monday, September 15, 2014

Round head hatch crosses

This 2014 breeding season I would like to produce a battle cross between Boston round head and McLean green leg hatch.  Boston’s are good looking fighting cocks their featherings are colored light red to orange feather, they are black breasted, some have several white streaked in wings and tail, most are medium stations, and  the color of their legs are yellow. 

Boston roundheads are cool headed not so aggressive, smart, very patient, fast on the ground and can strike on the air, sometimes delivers fast unexpected strapping shuffles at the back of its opponent when both of them are in the ground, they also side step their opponent like asil to avoid getting hit, multiple shuffler, has a very good timing to deliver its blow, they are high breakers fighting cocks. Most are defensive fighters like oriental fowls. The Boston is very good to cross breed with the hatches family like the McLean green leg hatch.

McLean hatch are known for their characteristics like power and gameness, their blows often packing a wallop which is very deadly. They are basically medium-stationed and pea combed with some coming straight combed.  I am inspired to cross breed the hatch to round heads because there are game fowl breeders who won several times in derbies using the cross breeding of roundheads and hatch. 

I believed that in cock fighting the battle cross chicken not only need to be aggressive in order to win in the battle, but it also need to become defensive and accurate. And I believe that roundhead-hatch crosses are good enough and can have both offensive and defensive traits and fighting style.

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