Roundhead Hatch crosses

Roundhead game fowl are match to crossbreed with the hatches game fowl. The characteristics of roundhead are pea combed, tall and white or yellow legged, roundhead are considered as ring generals because they are very wise fighter. Roundheads are flyers and agile they can kill the opponent fighting cock in the air quickly. Roundheads are also good in the ground and because of that they are considered as all around athletes with superb cutting ability. One of the entries who got champion during world slasher cup International derby uses the roundhead hatch battle cross. Roundhead are high station and have good body formation and good bone structure, when they cross breed to a hatch who are usually medium station will produce a battle cross that can give you more winning percentage.

Hatch game fowl come in medium to low station that is why they are good to cross breed with roundheads to improve their height. Some of the characteristics of hatch are glossy, long and tough feathers, dark leg usually green or blue.  Hatch is deadly in the ground, they are multiple shufflers. They come into straight and pea comb. They also may have piercing red eyes.  Hatches are aggressive, fast fighters and deadly cutters. Considered as ground fighters and low headed. Hatches hit very hard and are known for their power.

Some of the game fowl breeder in the Philippines has their hatch as the foundation bloodline. Aside from cross breeding hatch to roundheads, hatches are also cross breed with other game fowl blood line like lemon, kelso, dom, and clarets.