Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Digital Electronic Lecture Notes Portal

The way on how to transfer knowledge to students are always being renewed, reinvented, and even transformed as new technologies become available today. The use of internet has revolutionized to deliver course materials to students in many ways, including the routine posting of lecture notes on websites. By providing students an online portal of lecture notes they can learn at their own pace, in a convenient and inexpensive way. Many students have already own a smart phone, tablet or laptop that can be used as their learning materials.

The traditional way of having a lecture notes is by photocopying which give some disadvantages like inconvenience, portability problem, and not always available. To address the problems in having a lecture notes by photocopying, the proponents proposed to develop a “Digital Electronic Lecture Notes Portal” that will serve as a repository of lecture notes that are available to students online. The students can download the lecture notes using their personal computer, smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The students can learn their lessons in a convenient way while they are in school, at home, or even if they are in mobile.

The conceptual framework of the proposed research entitled “Digital Electronic Lecture Notes Portal”. The lecture notes, instructor account and student account will serve as the inputs. Lecture notes and account information will be stored in a database for future use. The students need to register in order for them to download the lecture notes that are stored electronically. The lectures in PDF file format will serve as the output. The proposed research is also beneficial to students because they can learn their lessons using the existing technology like the smartphone, tables, and laptops. Instructor also can save time and money because they don't need to have a hard copy to be produce and give to their students.

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