Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hotels in Legazpi City

Legazpi city is located in the province of Albay Philippines. It is a component city and capital of the province. Legazpi city has the largest population in Bicol region. There are hotels available in the city and in neighboring places to accommodate the tourist and visitors who visit the famous Mayon Volcano. The said volcano is one of the Philippines' most popular icons and tourist destinations. Legazpi city in the province of Albay, Philippines is known as the City of Fun and Adventure.

Hotels in Legazpi city are very important because there more tourist who come to watch the view of the famous Mayon volcano. Some of the hotels that are available in Legazpi city Albay, Philippines are:

1. Balay de la Rama Bed & Breakfast
Address: 1542 Banag, Daraga, 4501 Legaspi, Philippines

2. Balai Tinay Guesthouse
Address: 70 Gapo Street, Barangay 16 East Washingtonton Drive, 4500 Legaspi, Philippines

3. The Oriental Hotel Legazpi
Address: Taysan Hills Sto. NiƱo Village, Albay, 4500 Legaspi, Philippines

4. Hotel St. Ellis
Address: Rizal St, 4500 Legaspi, Philippines

5. Ellis Ecotel
Address: Embarcadero de Legazpi, Building, 9, 3rd and 4th Floor, Legazpi City, Albay, 4500 Legaspi, Philippines

6. La Piazza Hotel & Convention Center
Address: Tahao Road, 4500 Legaspi, Philippines

7. Casablanca Suites
Address: Benny Imperial Street corner South Road I, 4500 Legaspi, Philippines

8. Hotel Venezia
Renaissance Gardens Washington Drive, 4500 Legaspi, Philippines

9. Hotel Villa Angelina
Address: 32 Diego Silang, 4500 Legaspi, Philippines

10. Mayon Backpackers Hostel
Address: #040 Brgy 11, Maoyod Subdivision Diego Silang St. Old Albay, 4500 Legazpi , Philippines

Come to Legazpi city, “The City of Fun and Adventure”. There are available hotels that you can stay safe and comfortable.

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