Lemon 84 Sweater Cross breeding

Lemon Sweater crosses is one of my choice this breeding season. I like Lemon game fowl because they are known for its smart fighting style, an offbeat sense of timing that catches its opponent with powerful single stroke killing hits.  It is a vertical flyer, a side stepper and counter attacker. Lemon 84 has become the foundation blood line used by most Bacolod game fowl breeders in Negros that until today consistently wins even against modern game fowl.  Lemon 84 game fowl is originally came from the Hatch-Butcher-Claret crosses of the late Duke Hulsey. Sir Paeng Araneta is the well-known breeder of this game fowl. Lemon 84 comes lemon hackled, pea combed or straight-combed and yellow and green-legged, pumpkin feathered, and a medium stationed game fowl. I really like the feather of lemons they look like “ponkan”. As I noticed, the ponkan look fighting cocks is the choice of most buyers coming from Metro Manila. They like to buy pumpkin feathered fighting cocks.

Lemon 84 is good to be cross breed with sweater game fowl that have excellent gameness and power. By cross breeding lemon 84 to a sweater game fowl, it can produced a battle cross with a fighting style that have an offbeat sense of timing with power and full of gameness , side stepper and vertical flyer. Sense sweater game fowl are high station, when cross breed to lemon 84 who are a medium station game fowl it will produce a battle cross with good station and very good fighting style. The lemon sweater crosses is already tested by some game fowl breeders and it gives them a higher winning percentage in the pit.