Melsims Black Grey Cross breeding

Melsims black bloodlide is one of the winning game fowl bloodline today because of their excellent fighting style. As I watch the 2014 GFBAN stag derby, I guess the stags that is used by Sir Hinlo of DVH and Sons game farm is a blend of mel sims black. The DVH and Sons of Sir Hinlo is the solo champion in the 2014 GFBAN stag derby. Mel sims black bloodline is also good to be cross breed with the grey. In some of the derby I saw some dirty grey that has a good performance and higher percentage of winning in the pit. I asked some of the handler about the bloodline, they answered me that it is a blend of mel sims black and regular grey that are cross breed.

The mel sims black grey cross breed as I saw their fight, they break high, and in terms of fighting style they can do side step to avoid being hit by the opponent cock. Mel sims black grey battle cross has speed and power when they are going to attack their opponent. Mel sims black grey battle crosses is capable of killing their opponent in the air and in the ground quickly.

I like mel sims black game fowl because of their speed and power. I like also Greys game fowl because they are aggressive and hard hitting game cocks that are deadly and has a good cutting ability and gameness.

It is good to start breeding in the middle of October up to the month of January. This breeding season I will try to breed the mel sims black over the regular grey. The result of cross breeding between mel sims black and grey will be tested in the next stag derby.