Roundhead Claret Cross Breeding

One of the winning crosses or fighting cock battle cross is the roundhead clarets.  Clarets are used by some fighting cock’s breeder as their foundation bloodline because clarets are deadly and have a good cutting ability. Some of the traits or characteristic of clarets game fowl are they come straight comb, wine red feather and black breasted.  Clarets have beautiful tail with white streaks and usually white legged. Clarets are the choice to be the foundation bllodline of some game fowl breeder because they have a fighting style and traits like accurate cutters, fast and clever. They are also known to break high, possess deep game and are clever, fighting with hard hitting single strokes and are very aggressive in the pit.

Clarets when cross breed with roundheads who are smart fighters with weaving abilities, a side-stepper, very aggressive, and superbly fast cutters will produced a battle cross that can compete with new developed bloodline like the sweater. Roundheads game fowl are known to possess devastating leg power and are characteristically flyers that break high. Round head game fowl can kill their opponent in the air quickly. Among the roundhead game fowl family, the most well-known are Lacy Roundhead, originated by Judge Lacy. There are other Roundhead families like the Bruners, Sheltons, Allen and Boston.  Aside from cross breeding to clarets, roundhead game fowl are good to be cross-breed with butchers, greys, and hatches game fowl.  Roundheads are tend to mature or peak early as stags and because of that they are ideal to be used in some stag derbies like bakbakan and digmaan.