Friday, January 23, 2015

How to start with profitable business

I wanted to a have a business but I don’t know what kind of business to start so that I can generate income. I search on the internet about suggestions and tips on how to start a profitable business and what kind of business is good to open in this year.

As I surf the net, I read about the sari-sari store business, this is the most popular business that you can start in the Philippines, it requires only small capital and it is easy to manage. Later on when the sari-sari store business is good and profitable you can easily add additional capital in order to grow up your business.

Filipinos are major consumer of rice, according to some business experts; it is also good to start a rice retailing business in the Philippines.  Food cart business is also profitable for this year. You can build your own cart and set up foods that are attractive to customers like students, office workers, and others.

If you have idea about digital layout you can start printing business and offer services such as printing, tarpaulin layout, advertising materials, party invitation, photo editing and printing. You can attract customers like students, companies, professionals, and other individuals.

Street food like pork barbecue, fish ball, banana cue and others are also profitable. You need to find ideal location and small capital to start this business. You can target strategic location near to boarding houses of students, and employees so that you can have prospect customers daily.

Online Selling business is also one of the businesses that you can start this year according to some business experts. You can sell your products online for example selling of game fowl or fighting cocks online.

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