Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Prevention of gamefowl diseases

As gamefowl or fighting cocks breeder the prevention of diseases is very important because gamefowl are prone to diseases and when it hits on your birds it can cause too much money loss to a breeder. How to prevent gamefowl diseases? And what vaccination is going to apply in order to prevent gamefowl diseases?

Some of the of the gamefowl or fighting cocks diseases and vaccination are gumboro disease which is a contagious viral infection of a young chickens. For gumboro disease some gamefowl breeder use the hipragumboro GM97 vaccine. This kind of vaccine for gumboro deisease is a live strong but safe vaccine which can be given even in the presence of high level of maternal antibodies . The administration can be through eye drop, mouth drop, nose drop, drinking water or spray.

Another type of gamefowl disease which is common is coryza which characterized by an acute respiratory disease which is fast spreading. The symptoms of coryza is birds have swollen facial tissues. One of the vaccines that can be used in coryza is the Coripravac AH which provides protection against A, B, and C serotypes of infectious coryza.

New Castle Disease or NCD is very dangerous gamefowl disease because there is no treatment for this only prevention through vaccination. NCD is a gamefowl disease caused by a virus. The symptoms of NCD includes respiratory disease and gut lesions leading to poor growth, nervous signs that include paralysis and twisting of the head and sudden death. Some of the vaccines that can be used against new castle disease are 1. Hipraviar-clon which is live cloned NCD vaccine used for priming and booster vaccination. 2. Hipraviar-B1 which is a live NCD B1B1 strain vaccine used for priming vaccination. 3. Hipraviar-S which contain live NCD La Sota strain vaccine used for booster vaccinitions.

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