Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Buying house or rent

Housing is one of the basic human needs; it will serve as shelter for them and protection from hit of the sun, strong wind, and bad weather condition. It is a place where family members gathered together. Since house is a basic need of every family, how to own a house is the question of everybody. You can own a house if you have money to be used in buying it. Others in order to have a shelter or house where they can live in they rent a house or apartment and event a condo unit.

The advantages of buying a house over rent a house is when buying you can make it as your investment, you are free to decorate your own house, you can settle with your neighbor, getting to know each of them and bonding with them, you can join to the home owners association and you can help to the good of the community and you have no worries about migrating to other place because you are the owner.
The advantages of rent a house over buying a house, in renting there is no need for maintenance, the owner is the one who will spend money for the repairs of defective parts. It is easier to transfer if necessary, for example if your job is transfer from other places you can move easily.

But for me I prefer to buy a house instead of rent a house because today there are housing loan available and you do not need a big amount to own a house today. You can own a house in a subdivision thru pag-ibig housing loan is you are a member of pag-ibig fund.