Monday, March 23, 2015

Factors on how to be a champion breeder

The derby that I am referring in this article is about the factors to be considered in order to become a champion gamefowl breeder in cock or stag derbies like world slasher cup, candellaria derby, bakbakan, digmaan and other derbies. There are lots of cock fighting enthusiast that ask on how to become a champion in cockfighting derby. To become a champion is not an easy task because cock fighting today is very competitive.

In order to become a champion game fowl breeder you need to consider several factors like blood line. In the breeding of gamefowl the choice of good bloodline to be used in your breeding is very important. A superior gamefowl blood line has a great factor that can contribute to you to become a champion gamefowl breeder. After you can find a superior game fowl bloodline you need to condition your broodcock and broodhen, a healthy breeding material will produce healthy offspring that will lead in your success and become a champion gamefowl breeder. After your broodcock and broodhen produced their offspring you need to take good care of their offspring, give them proper nutrition and proper vaccination to insure they will grow healthier. When they already growing up and become a stag continue to give them proper nutrition, vitamins and provide them training. You can construct a scratch box, flying pen, and running pen that you can use in training of your fighting cocks.

If you decide to join in derby you need to prepare them by giving a pre-condition program. After pre-conditioning, you can prepare them to start the conditioning using a 21-days conditioning method or whatever method that you want. If you do not know how to condition your fighting cock, you can find a handler that will be in charge for the conditioning of your fighting cocks. In derby or cockfighting the tying of gaff  or “tari” is very important. You need to find someone you can trust to tie the “tari” in your fighting cock.