Thursday, March 12, 2015

Future hi-tech sunglasses

Technology makes our life easier and we use technology everyday to make our work faster, accurate, and in order for us to become productive and efficient. Aside from using technology in education, business, agriculture, research, telecommunication, and others, we can also use technology to improve the existing products like sunglasses. The traditional uses of sunglasses is to protect the eye form bright sunlight or bright light coming from different sources, it is also possible to put innovation to sunglasses.

Before sunglasses are uses during summer to protect the eye from disturbances, like wind, dust and direct sunlight. With the use of technology and innovation it is possible to add additional hi-tech features to sunglasses like earphone and microphone so that in can be used to listen digital sound or music and also to record digital sound. It can be attached and used to record and to listen digital sound to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Aside from features mentioned above, it is possible to add GPS and other navigational tools to hi-tech sunglasses. Technology is limitless, programmers can create programs like android application that can be embedded in a sunglass to become innovative and make it hi-tech. If the hi-tech sunglasses later become available to the market, I am very sure that lots of customers will buy it because it possess multi-purpose uses such as to protect the eye, can be attached to a mobile devices and it can function as headset, aside from those uses it can be used to locate location using the GPS that is in it.

Technology is very fast, there are lots of hi-tech products develop every day. Adding new technology to existing product to become better is now very popular. Hi-tech sunglasses are the future sunglass, I hope someone can develop it and sell in the market.