Monday, March 16, 2015

Future technology in mirror

Mirror just like any other existing objects can be innovative in the future through research and development by putting new technology on it. The mirror is use as looking glass for example to see your face. Mirror is usually place in the room, comfort room and in other places at home. In a barbershop you can find mirror place on the wall and it is use to overlook the hair while it is being cut, to oversee the hair style. Business establishment like hotels, shopping malls are also using mirrors as decoration to improve the looks and to have a better design.

Mirrors are also use in some scientific application as component in the development of tools and equipment. In the future I believe that the uses of the mirror are not limited as what it is today. With the use of technology like android programming, researchers and programmers can develop android application and put it into mirror so that it is possible to use it as output device to display digital information. The idea is mirror can function as screen of computer but it is control by a voice command. A user can turn on and off it using voice command, open application like web browser, search the web, check email, and open social media like facebook, twitter, and youtube using a voice command.

Innovation in mirror is possible; in the future while you are taking a bath you can check your mail, check updates on social media using a voice command. While in your bedroom using the future technology in mirror you are updated if there are new messages in your email inbox, you can monitor every second the activity posted by friends in social media like facebook and twitter.

Technology makes our life easier; the future technology in mirror can make our life easier and it will help us to become productive because we can do multi-tasking activity.  Mirror will become hi-tech in the future by putting technology on it like android application, voice recognition command, and network connectivity.