Monday, March 2, 2015

Kelso foundation for gamefowl breeding

The breeding of gamefowl is not an easy job. In order to become a fighting cock or gamefowl breeder you should know about the concept of breeding and genetics. A gamefowl or fighting cock breeder should be knowledgeable about in-breeding, cross-breeding, line breeding, and other types of breeding. To become a successful gamefowl or fighting cock breeder it is important to have knowledge about the different bloodline like the kelso, hatch, grey, clarets, roundheads, butcher, white hackle, and other foundation bloodline.

There are gamefowl or fighting cocks breeder who use kelso as their foundation bloodline because kelso is versatile and can be cross-breed with the different gamefowl bloodline that can produce better battle cocks. They prefer kelso to be their foundation bloodline because kelsos have been known to be really smart fighters on top of power, speed and multiple shuffle or evasion tactics.  Kelso are best to cross-breed with sweater, brownred, hatch, and roundhead. Aside of using kelso as the foundation bloodline, some gamefowl breeder also use the grey, hatch, lemon, roundhead and clarets as their foundation bloodline.

Today kelso gamefowl are still winning in some major derby competition. Some are pure and some are cross-breed with other bloodline. Personally I like kelso because of their smartness and fighting style who can make side-steps and wave, and they are both good in air and ground assaults. I like kelso as the foundation bloodline in breeding of fighting cocks because kelso is best to be cross-breed with any bloodline that can produce a very competitive battle cock or stag that can be use in some derby.

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