Lemon foundation bloodline

The lemon bloodline is still winning as of today and when cross breed to other bloodline like roundhead can compete against modern game fowl like the sweater. Manny game fowl breeder especially Bacolod breeder are still using the Hulsey lemon as their foundation bloodline. Some of the Negros breeder like Lance de la Torre, Mayor Juancho Aguirre, Eddie Boy Ledesma, Joe LaureƱo, Choy Ampil  and others are among popular breeders who have Hulsey Lemon in their gamefarm.

Lemon bloodline is also one of the best game fowl for me because of their gameness and fighting style such as brainy, smart, accurate cutting ability, vertical flyers , excellent timing and I like lemon because instead of ducking they side step. Lemon are my foundation bloodline, I cross breed it with dink sweater. Lemon are low to medium in station but when cross breed to dink sweater who are high station will improve their station and produced a better battle cross with a fighting style and gameness of lemon and better fighting style in the air.

Some lemon crosses that produce successful battle cocks are lemon cross to hatch-claret, lemon - blue face hatch, lemon-cecil greys, lemon-dan grays, lemon-boston roundheads and lemon sweater. Some of the game fowl breeders who became champion in the international derby who have drops of lemon bloodline in their game fowl use in derby are sir Paeng Araneta, sir Lance de la Torre, sir Bob Cuenca, sir Peping Ricafort and sir Tony Trebol.

In my own opinion, lemon bloodline is the past and the future foundation bloodline. You can cross breed lemon game fowl to any bloodline and it can produce a winning battle cross. Although lemon is not beautiful in appearance but I believed that cockfighting is not a beauty contest, what is important is, it give you more win in the pit.