Most winning bloodline

In cock fighting winning in the pit is very important because it involves money. Producing a winning line in the breeding of fighting cocks is very difficult in the sense that you need to undergo several experiment, trial and error and you are going to spend more money and time. In order for you to save time and money for the quest of producing a winning bloodline you need to find out what blood line are most winning. If you find answer for your quest on what particular fighting cocks bloodline is winning you can acquire it to some known fighting cocks’ breeder who breed that wining blood line buy it to them and you can start your own breeding.

The most winning blood lines are the kelso, roundheads, lemon, and hatches family of game fowl. Kelso game fowl are very good to be use as your foundation blood line; you can cross-breed kelso to any bloodline for example to hatches. The well-known breeder of kelso in the Philippines as I know are Biboy Enriquez of Firebird Gamefarm  and Raffy Yulo of Rapapap game farm. Rounheads are also use by many game fowl breeders to produce the most winning line. As far as I know Lance de La Torre the “Master Breeder” is one among those who breed the Roundeads in his Redfoot gamefarm. Roundheads are very good to cross-breed with the lemons. Lemon is the foundation bloodline use by most Bacolod gamefowl breeder in Negross. Some of the breeders of lemon as far as I know are Eddie Boy Ledesma of Fire and Ice gamefarm, Joe LaureƱo of JVL & Sons Gamefarm, Mayor Juancho Aguirre of JGA Gamefarm and others. Lemon are good to be cross-breed with grey, hatches, kelso, roundhead, and sweatrer. The most winning line who record in some prestigious fighting cock derby like world slasher cup are the lemon crosses.

In order for you to produce the most winning bloodline you need to have a winning material like brood cock and brood hens. And it is important that you understand genetics and basic breeding concepts like in-breeding, line-breeding, and cross-breeding.