Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to make money using technology

Technology makes our life comfortable that is why more automation are available today and using technology it can help us to become productive citizen. Using technology like the Internet can help us to make and earn money online. But the question is how we are going to make money online using the latest technology?

There are many ways in which we can make or earn money online; the most common is by online jobs. For example if you know or have skills or knowledge on how to develop website, mobile applications, or you are good writer and can create blog articles you can sign-up to oDesk and you can look or find jobs that are suit to your skill. You need to post your application with your portfolio; if your qualifications meet the requirements of the client then it is possible for you to be hired. For example if you are hired as writer you can receive your payment using your PayPal account in that sense you can make or earn money online. If you are a designer and you are creative you can find clients in oDesk, also you can make or earn money online as accountant and consultant, customer service agent, sales and marketing expert, and virtual assistant.

If you have a talent as writer and can create articles you can be a blogger and you can make or earn money online. For example you can sign-up to and create your blog and post your articles. Then you can apply to Google Adsense if your blog and articles are qualified to Google Adsense terms and conditions then you can make or earn money online to your blog articles you posted.

You can also make or earn money in an online tutorial. You can find customers or client for example your client wants to learn on how to speak and understand English language then you can be the tutor and in that sense they will pay you in PayPal or western union.

Using social media like Facebook you can also make or earn money online by selling your products and services. You can create a Facebook page, advertise your products or services offered and put your contact number or your business address. In my case using Facebook I was able to sell my fighting cocks and my videoke rentals.