Importance of green energy to China

Sources to generate energy are very important to industrial countries like China and United States of America. The most common source to generate energy is fuel coming from diesel power plant and other from coal power plant or even nuclear power plant. In my own opinion, time will come that there will be a shortage of fuel particularly coming from Middle East because fuel found their do not regenerates.

As I noticed, China is after for sources of energy coming from natural resources or green energy that is why they go far as Africa to look for natural resources that can produce energy. At present Chine moves towards the Asia pacific region maybe for the purpose of looking for sources of energy coming from natural resources.

Asia and Africa are rich in natural resources that could be used to generate energy. What is good in the natural resources as source to generate energy is the natural resources can regenerate and it is environmental friendly. Country like Chine need to find sources that can be used to generate energy because they need that in order to operate their factories and so that they can make sure that they can supply the increasing demand of energy for China.

Aside from sources of natural energy or green energy China also need raw materials and source of foods for their people and country that is why they are now in the Asia pacific region. Countries in Asia like Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and others are reach in natural resources and they have enough sources that could be used to generate energy aside from that this countries are reach also in oil, natural gas, abundant sources of foods like fish, agricultural products, fruits, and other important raw materials.

There is a big possibility that Asia pacific is the next battle ground because country like China will do something to get their interest like natural resources or green energy. China is willing to go war in order to get what they want. United States of America, Japan and other allies’ country will help their counterpart countries like Philippines. Natural resources are very important to Industrial countries like China that is why they are now here in the Asia Pacific region to control the precious resources.

China is one of the biggest in the world in terms of population, therefore China is also has biggest needs in terms of resources like natural resources and since they are the biggest in the world, they are also has the biggest demand in terms of using energy and that is why natural resources or green energy is very important to China.

I believe that war is not the solution to get natural resources, China and countries in Asia Pacific region should have a win-win solution to solve the conflict but the problem according to some news that I hear is China do not want to bring negotiation in United Nation. What they are claiming is the South China Sea is for them. They do not participate in the settlement in United Nation; they do move that violate the law of the sea that is according to news.