Saturday, May 23, 2015

B2B wholesale retail business

There are many types of business who are profitable like selling of products in order to earn money. The whole seller and retailer is a good business because you can buy directly to a manufacturer and the manufacturing company sometimes gives big discounts to their whole seller and retailer. B2B or business to business is simply a transaction between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. A manufacturer find or look for a distributor company to deal their products and the distributor company will be the one who sell it to a retailer and the retailer then sell the products to consumers.

In B2B what is good is that you can target new distributor or group of distributors to distribute your products and it makes additional revenue. Using the technology like Internet you can attract more customers through search engines. Also in B2B lower acquisition costs and long-lasting customer relations is possible. Strengthening of customer loyalty further by offering services and products that are customer-oriented can be of big help to business.

Business to business transaction generates higher transaction value through business purchases. Companies or distributor tend to buy larger amounts of products or more valuable products. This will increase the average transaction value and revenue. B2B or business to business can be expanded easily in the future by selling your products locally or even far beyond from country to another. It can also help to promote your products consumers well aware the brand of products since distributor and whole sellers introduce it to market.

I have also an experience in B2B before when I was working in a distributor company who sale cosmetics products. Our company order products to a cosmetic manufacturer company then we sell the products to retailers. We make volumes of orders and the manufactures give us lots of incentives and discounts and both of the companies established a better business relation ships.