Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Casino my favorite place

I like to go in casino and play some of the casino games like Poker, Black Jack, Slots machine, and Baccarat. Casino is my favorite place to go because it usually situated in a hotel wherein lots of foods, drinks, entertainment and it is good for leisure time. Casino is a gambling industry where rich people are the primary customers. If you are unlucky you can lose big amount of money in casino. But if you are lucky you can bring home more money.

I know that gambling is not good because it will make you become poor but still I love to go in casino and what I am having is to have leisure time and what is important is that you know how to control particularly limitations in spending money for casino games. If I think that it is not my lucky day then I am wise not to bet more money in casino games.

I also learned that going in casino to play games will affect my health conditions because of lack of sleep and usually drink beer or brandy in casino while playing some of the casino games. But still I keep on going to casino because it is one of my favorite places where I can do socialization with my friends. 

Today with the use of technology, going to casino to play games has an alternative. You can play casino games online like bingo, slots, poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. The advantages of playing online casino games is that you can save travel time, you can play in your room and you can have variety of choices where to play your favorite casino game online.

For me playing casino game online is only an alternative. I still prefer to go to casino to play my favorite games because casino is my favorite place. I feel relax and entertain in casino and I can interact with my friends and can view the beautiful ambiance.