Saturday, May 16, 2015

Clip art MS Word 2013

Microsoft Words 2013 is another word processing application that is used to create letters, reports, and other documents digitally. Using MS Word 2013 you can be productive and efficient in the sense that you can do more tasks and can produce better output. In creating documents in MS Word 2013 there many features wherein you can format your document so that it will become more meaningful and presentable. One of the features in MS Word 2013 is inserting clip art to your document.

Clip art in MS Word 2013 is a pre-made images or symbols available for computer users if they want to insert it in the current document that they are creating. Computer user usually insert clip art to documents to add more life and to become more presentable the document they are doing.

This tutorial illustrate on how to insert a clip art to MS Word 2013. To insert a clip art to document do this, from the insert tab illustrations group, click the Pictures button, use the Insert Picture dialog box controls to browse for the image you want to insert in document, choose the images you want to insert and select it by clicking the mouse.

As a computer user doing word processing to create letters, memo, reports and other documents it is important that you have knowledge on how to insert image or clip art to your document because this images and clip art makes your document more presentable and good looking. Aside from skills on how to insert clip art in Word 2013 you need also to know on how to format clip art using wrapping. Wrapping is additional features in MS Word 2013 to allow the display of text to adapt flexibly and dynamically to displays of varying sizes in images or clip art.