PowerPoint 2013 clip art

PowerPoint 2013 is presentation software used to create multi-media presentation. Adding pictures from clip art can make your presentation more interesting and engaging. Aside from clip art which are images built-in in PowerPoint, you can insert a picture from a file on your computer onto any slide. PowerPoint 2013 also allows user to insert online pictures and adding screenshots to your presentation.

Aside from inserting clip art to your presentation you can also insert sounds, videos, or links to your PowerPoint slides so that your presentation created in PowerPoint 2013 become attractive and livelier to your audience.

As computer user you must learn how to insert clip art or images to your PowerPoint slides because you are creating multi-media. The tutorial below will help you on how you are going to insert clip art in PowerPoint 2013. Multi-media means aside from text found in every slide, images from clip art, file, sounds will be incorporated so that the audience can read text, listen to sound and view images from your slide.

To insert pictures from clip art in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Click the PowerPoint slide that you want to add the clip art to, On the Insert tab, in the Images group, click Clip Art, In the Clip Art task pane, in the Search for text box, type a word or phrase that describes the clip art that you want, or type all or some of the file name of the clip art and click go button, In the list of results, click the clip art to insert it.

In PowerPoint 2013 aside from inserting clip art, you can also insert picture from your camera or from your file. Click where you want to insert the picture, click on the Insert menu then select Images click Picture option Browse to locate the picture that you want to insert, and then double-click it.

Inserting clip art, images, and sounds is a usual task when creating a PowerPoint slide presentation. It is important for us that we have idea on how to do that to make our presentation better and so that our audience can understand clearly the topic that we are presenting.