Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dog training

Many people like to have their own pet as sort of fun for them. Dog is a pet that can easily be taught in training. Dog is considered as man’s best friend because of their characteristics that can follow orders and always there for their master. Training is very important to dog so that they will behave and obedience to their master.

I would like to share to the beginners the basic dog training that I used to my dog. It is important for dog to have exercise, discipline, affection, and socialization. In my case the first command that I used in my dog training is the sit command. I stand in front of my dog call the name of my dog and say sit, for example “barney sit”. At first you need to assist your dog to sit in the floor and later only verbal with your hand signaling that your dog will sit.

After my dog master the training on sit command, next is I proceed to the next training command “come”. I do this by pulling the hands of my dog towards me saying “come [dog name]”for example “come barney”. In addition to this training command you can use dog food, place in front of your feet and then say “come [dog name]”, when dog come in front of you, praise the dog by saying “good come!”

The last dog training command that I tech to my dog is the heel command. Consistency is need ed because heel command is often the most complicated compared to sit and come command but most dogs will learn to heel quickly. Aside from basic dog training I always walk together with my dog every morning. Dog needs socialization and familiarization so always bring your dog in different places and after giving the basic dog training continue to the advance dog training.