NBA finals game 2 is over

I am very contented with the performance of both players from cleveland cavaliers and golden state warriors, in game 1 as well as in NBA finals game 2 because as I monitor the updated score it is too close and as I watch the game I fell nervous and too much excitement. In game 1 golden state warriors won in overtime and in game 2 cleveland cavaliers also won in overtime. I am much motivated to watch the 2015 NBA finals game 3 live because the score is too close and you can’t predict who will win in game 3.

The coaching staff of cleveland cavaliers established a good defense so that the star player of golden state warrior cannot generate points. Stephen Curry is guarded very well and in result he cannot make or contribute scores to the warriors. In the absence of score coming from Stephen Curry his team mate Klay Thompson do the scoring and he contributed more scores to the and golden state warriors. If only Stephen Curry perform and contributed a score in game 2 I am sure warriors will win in that game.

Since the weakness of Stephen Curry was already identified by the coaching staff and players of the cleveland cavaliers, game 3 of the NBA finals 2015 will be for the cavs. Stephen Curry can’t create a points if he is guarded by a tall, fast and defensive player. If that scenario will continue each game and the coaching staff of golden state warriors can’t find a solution for that, I am sure cleveland cavaliers will be the NBA 2015 final champion.

As I watch the NBA finals 2015 game 2 between the cleveland cavaliers and golden state warriors the play of Lebron James is very effective, he try to pull-up do some low-post, if there is a chance shoot and if someone will do block from defense he do assist to his team mates in a parameter or in a 3-points area. If that kind of play will not counter by golden state warriors, game 3 of the NBA 2015 finals is for the cleveland cavaliers.

Since both teams in the 2015 NBA finals are good and in every game the score are to close there is a tendency that after game 1 and game 2, there will be game 4, game 5, and game 7. I prefer that the 2015 NBA finals will reach up to game 7 because the more games the better.