Android apps development

The latest trends in Information and Communications Technology is the development of android application. According to survey and other researches most users are having mobile devices like smart phones and tables than users having PC or laptop. In line with this the development of useful mobile application is important and there is a demand of android developer that can create mobile application needed by the user.

Mobile aps are very useful because user can access useful information like weather forecast, maps, GPS and other useful apps. In relation to business, the use of mobile application is also possible. User can do online shopping using mobile while they are on the go. There is also mobile application developed for security like unlocking your mobile phone using your finger prints.

The use of mobile devices in the future is becoming popular and because of that to cater the needs of mobile users there should be enough manpower like programmers that will develop android apps for the them.

Because of the trend today that there are more users of mobile devices and the number is increasing everyday there is also a good market for mobile apps. It is an opportunity to android developer because there is a demand for mobile apps in the market.

In order to become an android developer you need to have a background in computer programming. You need to be familiar with the different programming languages like Java, C# and you need to have knowledge in xml. You need also to know how to use different tools in creating mobile application like the Eclipse or Android Studio. In learning on how to develop android mobile application, there is lots of tutorial available online. In my case, I search for the tutorial on developing android mobile application using Android Studio.