Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My own steps to stay healthy

Health is wealth that is way I used to follow my own steps on how to stay healthy. Obesity is now a problem not only to old people but also to young individual. If a person is obese he or she is prone to some diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and other related diseases. There are many ways to fight obesity like taking slimming medicine, proper diet and exercise.

In my case I have my own way on how to become healthy, physically and mentally fit. The steps that I followed every day that help me to stay healthy are:

Step 1: I sleep early at 8PM and wake-up early at 4AM, having enough sleep can help your body and mind good relaxation. It can help to have a better immune system when you have enough sleep.

Step 2: After I woke up at 4AM I do stretching and exercise like push-up, sit-up and jogging in place for 15 minutes. 

Step 3: I drink 4 glasses of water after having exercise. Drinking of water help me to release body toxic and improve my bowel activity.

Step 4: Taking my bath. Cleanliness within your self can help you to become healthy and protected from germs.

Step 5: Eat breakfast regularly, I avoid eating oily foods I prefer to eat foods that rich in fiber. I also used to eat fruits and vegetable. 

Step 6: Engaged myself in sports activities like basketball and badminton. Sports activities can help to lower down the sugar level in the body and help to burn some calories.

Step 7. Drink some vitamins for example vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin C.

Following those steps help me to become healthy and physically and mental. This may or may not help to some individual. Others has also their own method or steps in order to become healthy. Some of my friends are engage their self in biking. For them biking is also an exercise that can help them to become healthy and physically fit.