How to maintain gamefowl bloodline

Battle cross is only a product of cross breeding the original or pure blood line. For example a game fowl breeder has a pure Lemon brood cock and a pure boston roundhead brood hen cross breeding the two will produce a 50% lemon and 50% battle cross. Pure game fowl bloodline need to be maintain or preserve. Original breeding material should be keep for the future breeding. This article will short ideas on how you are going to maintain or preserve a gamefowl bloodline.

The traditional way of maintaining or preserving a gamefowl blood line is by in-breeding. For example line-breeding. It is where the pullets is breed back to her father or the stag is breed back to his mother. After having a pullet from that breeding breed back again to her grand father(the original brood cock) or the stag is breed back again to is grand mother and so on…

Another is to breed sister and brother. Some gamefowl breeder do this in order to preserve their original gamefowl blood line. The line breeding is also a good breeding method to be used in order to maintain a gamefowl bloodline. IN my case I maintain my gamefowl bloodline by mating half brother and half siter. In this method I choose my best broodcock then breed to different hen. For example my broodcock is Lemon I single mate it with the roundhead hen, then I also single mate my lemon broodcock to my Dink sweater hen. And finally I choose a stag from lemon x roundhead and I also choose I pullet from lemon x dink sweater. To maintain my lemon bloodline I breed the lemon roundhead stag to a lemon x dink sweater pullets. With that I make a selection to the pullets and stags coming from the breeding of lemon roundhead and lemon dink sweater and make it as my new lemon stock.