Mobile Application Development

There is an increase in the use of mobile devices because of the characteristics that they are small in size consumers want smaller devices for mobility and convenience, also mobile devices are robust and reliable they are always carried along, they must be robust enough to stand the force of bumps, motion and occasional drops. Some of the characteristics of mobile devices are:

1.    Short wakeup time - These consumer devices startup in seconds and most of them are always on. Take the case of mobile phones: they boot up within seconds and most people do not turn them off even at night. PDAs wake up the second you press their power button.
2.    Limited connectivity - Mobile devices have low bandwidth, some of them not connected at all. Most of them use wireless connections.
3.    Limited processing power - Mobile systems are not as powerful as their desktop counterparts. Size, technolgy and budget are some of the factors that affect the state of this resource. Like the disk storage and RAM, you can only fit so much of these resources in such a small package.
4.    Limited memory - Mobile devices also have small memory, both primary (RAM) and secondary (disk). This limitation is one of the factors that affects writing programs for these types of devices. Special considerations must be taken to conserve the use of this precious resource.
5.    Low power consumption - Mobile devices consume less power than desktop machines. These devices must conserve the use of power because they run on a limited supply from batteries.
There as demand for mobile application today and to cater it Information Technology experts like computer programmers should focus on mobile application development. Android programming today is very popular and there are many android applications are developed today.
To become android developer you need to have understanding in Java programming, xml and some tools like android studio or eclipse that can be used in the development of mobile application. In my case I used the android studio to develop android application.