Alabama Black Sweater Cross Breeding

The breeding of game fowl or fighting cocks needs more time, money, effort and dedication. A breeder needs to understand about genetics in order to become a successful game fowl or fighting cocks breeder. A breeder needs to know about in-breeding and line breeding in order to maintain or preserve the original game fowl or fighting cocks bloodline. Cross-breeding is important to be understood by a breeder in order to produce a most winning battle cross. Many successful game fowl or fighting cocks’ breeders in Bacolod City or in Negros are gave more on their time, effort, dedication and spending money in their breeding of fighting cocks. 

Based on my own experience, breeding of fighting cocks is not an easy task you need to be experimental doing lots of trial and error in order to arrive in producing quality breeding materials and winning battle cross. I would like to share to those beginners in the breeding of fighting cocks if you want to be successful in game fowl breeding you will invest in your breeding materials. Good breeding materials will lead you to success in the game fowl breeding. The price of quality breeding materials is very expensive in a well-known farm. My advice is in order to get a low cost but very good breeding materials you can to some small time breeder in Bacolod City or Negros and you can select and buy quality and low cost breeding materials to them.

In my case, I acquired my dink fair sweater brood stag to a simple breeder but his chicken are of quality. I also buy a Alabama black hen to a small time breeder in Negros. I cross breed the Alabama black to a dink fair sweater and I am very satisfied with their offspring in terms of cutting ability, speed and power.