Cooking homemade meat loaf

Foods like ham, corned beef, hot dog, bacon, meat loaf and other processed foods are not good in our health according to World Health Organization (WHO). My kids like to eat those processed meat especially the meat loaf. I decided not to buy it all because I am concerned with the effects of eating that meat loaf. Kids really love to it meat loaf and because of that I look for a solution and I came up to learn on how to prepare or cook homemade meat loaf.

To prepare on how to cook homemade meat loaf, the first thing I do is to think about what are the ingredients in preparing or cooking meat loaf. Then, I think of a procedure on how I am going to cook it. And last what are the cooking utensils that I am going to use in preparing or crating a homemade meat loaf.

Finally I formulated my own style on how to cook homemade meat loaf. I am going to discuss below the ingredients and my procedures in cooking homemade meat loaf. What is good in this is that since it is homemade, there is no preservatives added and you can make sure that it can give good to our health. I am sharing this so that if you have time you can do cooking for your kids you can make homemade meat loaf to them and you can make sure that the food that they are going to eat is safe and good for their health.

The ingredients of my homemade meat loaf:

1 kilo grind pork
1 piece regular size carrots (finely chopped)
5 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 egg (beaten)
10 teaspoon of flour
2 hard-boiled eggs (sliced)
10 teaspoon pickle relish
Aluminum foil for packaging

The procedure in preparing / cooking homemade meat loaf

1. Mix all the ingredients in a container
2. Wrap it in aluminum foil (any size you want)
3. Using a steamer, steam it for 1 hour
4. Cool it down
5. You can fried it in a frying pan with little cooking oil and in low fire (optional)
6. Serve