How to start a business

Starting a business is not an easy task because there are lots of things needed. It is hard to start even a small business without capital and resources. In my own experience the best way to start a business is to save money out of your small income. Save even a little money can help later when starting a business. For example out of your income you can save 500 pesos a month and increase to 1000 or more if you have extra money.

While saving look around and identify the kind of business you are going start. Study that business on how to manage and operate it by observing and getting idea on how it works so that when time comes that you have enough capital out of your savings you can start your own business and you have already a picture on how you are going to run and manage that kind of business.
In doing business you need to sacrifice, you need dedication and hard work but don't worry there is a reward waiting for you. You need to save money and later on invest that's how you are going to start your own business.

But how to save money when you are job less? The answer is you cannot save because you have no income. So, before saving money you need to look or find a job and then if you have already an income you can start saving and later if you have enough capital that the time you can start your own business.