My own effective diet program

Health is very important to all, because of that I discovered my own diet program that I found to be effective.  I prefer to have a natural way of diet because it can contribute a lot to become healthy. My diet program is very simple I would like to share how to do that. I start my diet program early in the morning at 4:00 am in the morning; upon waking up I do basic stretching, drink four glasses of water. 

Drinking water early in the morning can help to clean your stomach and help to drop your waste.
After drinking water I eat two apples, by eating apples with empty stomach can also help cleaning your intestine and later it can help to digest the food easily. After an hour I eat oat meal, eating oatmeal can help to prevent colon cancer because it is a good source of fiber.

After that I take a bath, by maintaining cleanliness in your body can help you away in bacteria that can cause disease. I continue to drink plenty of water and I make sure that I can consume a minimum of three liters of water in a day. Drinking water can help to lower the sugar level in the body, help to reduce toxin in the body, make your immune system better and can help you to have a beautiful skin.
In the evening before eating dinner I eat fruits like apple, banana, oranges and other available fruits. 

Eating fruits with empty stomach can help to digest food easily and can solve the constipation problem. Before I sleep in the evening I drink two glasses of water. I repeat that every day and I helps to reduce my weight, makes me physically fit, I can breathe better and I have a regular bowel every morning.