Old line lemon and battle crosses

Old Line Lemon
One of the famous and legendary game fowl or fighting cocks bloodline is the lemon. Lemon are very good foundation bloodline that can be cross breed to any game fowl blood line like roundheads, hatches, sweaters, grey, butcher and other blood line.

The lemon has a fighting style that is admire by every cockers. Lemons are vertical flyer and because of that characteristic it can cause a deep wound to its opponent cock.  Lemons are also side stepper which is good because the opponent cock cannot easily hit a lemon. Lemon fighting cocks is also tricky and wise and have patience. One characteristic of lemon blood line that I like most is its ability to give his best during drag fight and to fight up to the last breath.

The battle crosses of lemon blood line will give you more winning percentage. There are champion breeder who successfully become a derby champion that uses the lemon crosses like Juancho Aguire, Eddie Boy Ledesma, Joe LaureƱo, Lancey dela torre, Paeng Araneta and Others.

In my case I cross my lemon blood line to dink sweater. The lemon sweater battle crosses give me more winning percentage. The fighting style or characteristics of this battle crosses are they are smart like lemon and they have speed and power. They break high and they can give a good shuffle. 

Other characteristic of lemon bllod line which do not like by some game fowl breeders are they are low to medium station and they are slower compared to other game fowl blood line. But the secret in the lemon blood line is the battle cross or its crosses. If you know which blood line you are going to cross breed your lemon blood line you can get more higher winning percentage. Game fowl breeding is like an experiment, so do your experint on which blood line the lemon can be cross breed better.