Scratch box and flying pen

Game fowl breeders and handlers have its own method of conditioning and preparing their battle or fighting cocks. There is several conditioning method like the traditional one that I used before which I used the table exercise. In this method I do table workout for my fighting cocks I used the table for running exercise of my fighting cock were I hold the fighting cocks and keep it running. I used the scratch pad so that the fighting cock can scratch their legs by holding the tail. This method is only good if you have time and you prepare few fighting cocks for battle. It is not good to use this method if you are preparing more fighting cocks for battle and if you have limited time.

In modern days were fighting cocks derby is very popular like the bakbakan stag derby, world slasher cup, candelaria and other big time derbies  it is good to use the rotation method in conditioning and preparing your battle or fighting cocks in order to become a champion in big time cock derby.In rotation method you need to have flying pen. The use of flying pen in condition your fighting cocks, it can help to develop leg muscle and wing muscle of fighting cocks. It can also help to reduce fats in fighting cocks. By using flying pen it can reduce the weight of fighting cocks while the good body formation is maintained. Having a fighting cock with good body formation and less weight is an advantage in a derby.

Other conditioning material that I used in rotation method is the scratch box and chord area. My procedure in conditioning and preparing my fighting cocks for derby are early in the morning at 4:00 AM I expose my fighting cocks to light for 30 minutes, at 4:30 AM I put them in a scratch box for 30 minutes, at 5: 00 am I chord them, at 6:00 AM I feed them, at 10:00 AM I put them in flying pen, at 3:00 PM I chord them, at 4:00 PM I feed them. Then I repeat the procedure daily by starting to expose them to light at 4: AM and so on.