Monday, April 4, 2016

Breeding game fowl is a good business but not to others

I would like to breed fighting cocks for business but from the day I started it up to two years it is not good for me. There is no return of investment (ROI) instead I spend forty thousand pesos in a year and I lost not only money but also my time and effort. It is very frustrating that all my efforts and sacrifices will end to nothing. I have question why there game fowl breeder who start in breeding a little and now they are successful and earn income in breeding of game fowl.  I really love to breed game fowl and I want to produce quality battle crosses for sale so that I can earn money.

I study and research how those breeders make good business in breeding of game fowl even they are only small time. What they do is to breed quality fighting cocks then look for a financer to finance the entry fee in a derby then if they can get a good winning percentage in the derby lots of buyer will come to them and buy fighting cocks. Another way on how a game fowl breeder earns money is to breed then sell the fighting cocks to a person who buys and sell fighting cocks. They look for a buyer that can buy volumes of fighting cocks.

Their secret on how to make good money in breeding fighting cock is to breed and produce quality fighting cocks so that buyers will always come back and buy your fighting cocks. In that sense breeding of game fowl is a good business to you. If you breed and sell fighting cocks that cannot make a good record in a derby only few customers will come to buy and they purchase it at low price which cannot contribute to your expenses in breeding.