Buyer right to choose the best game fowl

A buyer or a customer has always right to select or choose. As a buyer of game fowl you need to be selective enough or you need to have time to choose for the one you thing that is of a good quality. Don’t be shy, it is your right as a buyer or a customer to choose what is the best for you. Remember you are the one who will pay for that, and we know that the price of a game fowl is sometimes expensive depends on the quality and the class of a breeder. But my point is in buying give time to choose or select the best one.

 Having more time in choosing the one that you are going to buy will be advantageous in the sense that there is a big possibility that the one you pick is almost perfect. The money that you pay will not go to nothing. In buying game fowl look for quality but not expensive. The best game fowl to choose when buying is the one who is breed by a well-known breeder with a good record in fighting cock derby. Those breeders are having a very good stock of game fowl where in you can choose depends on your budget. But there are also backyard game fowl breeders who are a good source of breeding material. You can choose whether buying it from a farm breeder or a backyard breeder.

For me it doesn’t matter whether the source of your breeding material is come from a farm of a well-known breeder or from a backyard breeder. What is important is you choose the right one. Because today most of the champions in big time derby are come from a backyard breeder.  It is not a guarantee that a game fowl coming from a farm of a big time breeder is always superior over the game fowl from a backyard breeder. What is important for a buyer in choosing the game fowl to buy is he choose the right one.