Friday, July 15, 2016

The danger in playing Pokemon go

The newly release Pokemon go apps is very popular because it is innovative wherein players  start to play game by collecting Pokemon characters that is virtual in their mobile screen while they are on the go. Pokemon go mobile apps is very interactive because of some features like virtual reality and it is a new and innovative game that has very good features to entertain players around the world. My concern is that when playing Pokemon go everybody needs to be careful and responsible because there is lots of danger in playing this new mobile apps.

In my own opinion the danger that I can see in playing this new mobile apps game is players are prone to accident. For example while a player is walking in the street to search and catch Pokemon there is a big possibility that it can hit by a car. Also searching Pokemon characters in remote places is dangerous because there are some criminals that can robbed a player especially during nighttime.

Aside from mentioned situation above that describe a scenario about the danger in playing Pokemon go mobile game apps there are other dangers such as criminals will take advantage of this. So I would like to advice the players of Pokemon go to be careful always and be aware of some unwanted happening while playing the latest and popular Pokemon mobile apps game.

Danger is always there and the very best thing to counter that is to play it carefully. On the other hand there is also some good about playing Pokemon go. It is new, innovative, there is virtual reality, popular and has many features that most players like it.