Monday, July 18, 2016

The potentials of your game fowl

As a game fowl breeder it is important to know about the potentials of your chicken. Knowing about the potentials of your game fowl can help you to become a successful game fowl breeder. Some of the important things a game fowl should consider in the breeding of game fowl is to start breeding right by choosing quality and winning line bloodline that is very important. In my study I have two blood line of game fowl the first one is of a good quality, and American fowl and the second one is a local breed of chicken. I give both of them the same feeding, vitamins and training then let then fight with a long knife and the result is the one with of good quality the American fowl wins over the local chicken. Conclusion, the game fowl of good quality is super over the other whom quality is not good even if they are given the same food, vitamins and training.

Having a good quality of game fowl is not enough, you need to give the right feeding, vitamins, and conditioning or training to your game fowl. For example a sickly game will has low chances of winning over the healthy one. Chicken with poor health cannot undergo proper training a chicken with less training has disadvantage over the one who is always have training.

Another important aspect that can never be taken for granted is the tying of gaff in your game fowl during the fight day. The game fowl of good quality, healthy and have proper training is useless during the fight day if the gaff is not align properly.

Before joining in any game fowl or fighting cock derby, small time or big time it is important to have an idea about the potential of your game fowl like it has good cutting ability, accurate and it possess gameness. By knowing about the potential of your game fowl you can identify and select the best and consider as qualified to be one of your warriors so that it can help to have a high winning percentage.